Zebre failed in the Cardiff Blues because it was too indiscriminate

Zebre failed in the Cardiff Blues because it was too indiscriminate

19 mistakes for zebras struggling to find continuity in their game at Cardiff Arms Park. Cardiff takes advantage of several free kicks in favor of the Blues and makes five attempts with the Welsh capital’s synthetic.

Multicolor are the authors of the best aggressive flashes, finding two beautiful signs with Bruno and Mori at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second, but they feel very indiscriminate.

Four cards will be issued to Italians in the 80s: three yellows for Fabiani, Rimpelli and Kanna and one red for Christian Stone.

Zebras will face off at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma on Monday, June 11th. Training week begins with the sixth and final round of the Guinness Book of World Records PRO14 Rainbow Cup, Friday, June 11 at 19:00 at the Lanfranchi Stadium in Ireland, Munster.

Cardiff Blues vs Zebrey Rugby Club 37-12 (Pages 22-7)
Scorers: 10 ‘C.P. Evans (3-0), 16 ‘Bradley (8-0), 22’ Botham Tri Evans (15-0), 32 ‘Fish Tri Evans (22-0) 41’ Bruno Tran Kanna (22-7); st 41 ‘Mori (22-12), 65’ C.P. Evans (25-12), 72 ‘free-kick (32-12), 76’ Millard (37-12) for the Cardiff Blues

Cardiff Blues: Morgan, Harris (43 ‘Millard), Halloho (66’ Lee-Lo), Thomas, Fish, Evans, Williams L. (63 ‘Williams T.), Turnbull (cap), Bradley (58’ Lawrence), Botham, Hill (66 ‘Thornton), Davies, Lewis (63’ Arip), Belcher (63 ‘Myhill), Domochowski (55’) ); Everything. Young man
Zebra Rugby Club: Biondelli (62 ‘Trulla), Bruno (25’ Manfredi, 26 ‘Bruno, 56’ Buenfiglio), Mori (76 ‘de Marco), Luchin, de Onofrio, Kanna, Palassani (Cap) (62’ Casilio), Giamarioli. Everything. Bradley
Referee: Ben Blaine (Scottish Rugby Union)
Players: Jarrod Evans (Cardiff Blues) 4/7; Carlo Kanna (Zebrae Rugby Club) 1/2
Cards: Olivio Fabiani (Zebrey Rugby Club) 15 ‘Yellow Card, Daniel Rimpelli (Zebrey Rugby Club) 51’ Yellow Card, Christian Stone (Zebrey Rugby Club) 71 ‘Red Card, Carlo Kana 72’ Yellow Card (Zebre) Rugby Club)
Player: Josh Turnbull (Cardiff Blues)
Ranking points: Cardiff Blues 5, Zebrae Rugby Club 0
Notes: Clear skies. Temperature 16. Land in excellent condition. The game was played under closed doors for the public. Filippo de Marco, who made his debut with Zebra Rugby and the Guinness Book of World Records for PRO14 Rainbow Cup, is a licensed player of Fiam Oro rugby.

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