Zebra fights Parma, but still has a knockout with Munster – OA Sport

Zebra fights Parma, but still has a knockout with Munster - OA Sport

Zebras are not unlocked and are still anchored in zero wins this season. It was tough for Lanfranchy against Monster, but Bianconeri tries and fights, but does not capitalize on Irish mistakes, allowing the Cork boys to dig crucial ditches in the second half of the first half.

He immediately tries to surprise Monster from the home team, getting a free-kick in the 4th minute, but the distance is too long and Omali finds no goalposts. In this first stage the Irish fouls occurred and thus the first possession was wasted in attack, thus allowing the zebras to raise the bar of pressure and gain territory. Despite playing Bianconeri match Deadlock Break The Deadlock is Jack Crowley’s position at the temporary 0-3 19..

Only three minutes pass, and Munster strikes again. This is the third Odonog line that ends in a long Irish action goal, thus extending to 0-8.. Now the Red Army has raised the standard of their game and the zebras are struggling on defense, but they are saved on two occasions, but Surrenders on the 29th and reaches the goal of the Dan Gogin Center. The zebras get more confused and push the monster on the accelerator to end the conversation At 36, he goes on to score 0-22 against Wieserley. In the end, he shrinks Bergamashi’s team, but he’s not doing it with a built-in action, but He’s going to rest at 7-22 with Eric Cronje’s interception.

The hosts attacked in the second half and scored a goal in the 45th minute to give them confidence. Omali’s penalty was 10-22. Despite failing to recognize local dominance at this stage of the match, Munster returns very foul and Zebre seizes the opportunity to enter the field so we enter the final quarter with the Irish 12 points ahead.

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The match has been officially archived 66 ‘, when Wieserley makes a mistake again, get his second individual goal and a bonus for Munster, who ran 10-29.. The final match, therefore, is only useful for statistics, Munster Al 71 ിലേക്ക് Baron returns to goal, with the Zebras finding the back of the net 17-34 with Lalofi in the final minute..

Photo: Massimiliano Carnabusi – LPS

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