YouTuber was arrested after tying a dog to helium balloons and dropping it into a film video; Know the details

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How far have we come? New Delhi-based YouTub Gaurav Sharma starred in the shocking controversy, posting videos on his channel and provoking the web, recreating classic scenes from the movies “Up: High Adventures” and “Project X: A Party Out of Control”. His puppy. That’s right: he tied his little Pomeranian Lulu to a dozen balloons filled with helium and made him a “fly”. How terrible!

In the two-minute-long clip, Sharma came to a store and asked the salesman how many balloons he needed to keep his dog in the air. “Please do not take it the wrong way. When we fly the dollar, we take all security precautions ”, He said. Then, we see the pets tied with balloons and lifted into the air. Out of control, the toddler scraped against the wall of a building near where they were pictured.

The “technique” worked very well, and the puppy reached the second floor of the building, and Gaurav celebrated this achievement, which represented great danger to the lives of the animals. In addition to the man, an old man appeared on screen, promoting and promoting several YouTuber takeaways while playing with the dog. See:

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Criticized by followers and several animal rights groups, Sharma withdrew the video from his channel and publicly apologized. “I admit my mistake, but I personally took all safety measures before the video flew. I love my pet as my son. Wrong content came out ”, Announced.

“I love pets too. I was impressed to see some videos from outside. I apologize for that, and I’m going to call on everyone I see not influencing my video ”, Influenced in the following areas, Gourav said:

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Despite the apology, the content creator did not ignore the story. The Indian Express reports that although he has deleted records of dog cruelty, his videos have been re-posted on other channels and served as evidence of his arrest by Indian police.

Atul Thakur, deputy commissioner of police for the South Delhi region, said they had received a complaint against Sharma from the NGO People for Animals. “He was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals and endangering the life of a pet through video production.” Concluded.

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