YouTube controls channels that send videos with false information about the US election Technology

YouTube controls channels that send videos with false information about the US election  Technology

O YouTube On Thursday (7) it was announced that channels that publish videos with false information about the US election will be fined and banned from making new uploads for a week.

This level applies to any profile, including the president, depending on the platform U.S., Donald Trump.

The decision was made a day later Trump supporters are attacking Congress During a validating meeting Joe Biden Moments before the invasion, the US president said he would not accept the election results.

The video posted by Trump during the attack was dropped by YouTube. In it, the president asked protesters to return home, but continued to claim that the election was illegal without evidence.

In December, the platform updated its policies Removes videos alleging fraud in US elections. However, more severe punishments will take effect Jan. 21. The penalty was brought forward with the announcement this Thursday (7).

“Because of the disturbing events that took place yesterday, the election results have already been certified and any channel that posts new videos with false allegations that it violates our policies will get a strike today,” YouTube said.

According to YouTube policies, you may terminate a channel if you violate the Terms of Use. For each violation, the account receives a “strike” – a kind of warning and punishment.

“Last month, we removed thousands of videos that spread misinformation, including several videos posted by President Trump on his channel alleging widespread fraud and altering the 2020 election results,” the platform said in a statement.

Trump’s social networks were blocked

This Thursday (7), US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts Blocked indefinitely. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of the social network, made the announcement.

O Twitter also imposed restrictions on Trump’s profile. The president is prohibited from posting on social networks, and can only return 12 hours after deleting 3 specific tweets that have been suspended for violating the platform’s policies.

Trump supporters attack US Congress

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