Your Android Phone .. Delete the popular app on Google Play with money laundering programs

تليفونك أندرويد.. احذف تطبيق شهير على جوجل بلاى مزود ببرامج لسرقة الأموال

Users of Android smartphones and tablets are asked to check the installed apps after finding a new app in the Play Store.Google PlayAccording to a report, it is equipped with malware that steals money RT .

Security experts warned Teabot This malware, which is spreading rapidly around the world, is designed to steal the passwords of bank accounts.

And find out Teabot For the first time in early 2021, but it is now witnessing a recovery, the team says Cliff They found a new app related to this Teabot To make matters worse, this QR code was named for the reader QR code and barcode scannerAvailable for download from the Google Play Store.

Once installed, the app uses a clever trick to infect the phone by asking users to install an update that looks impeccable.

However, unlike legitimate apps that carry updates through the official Google Play Store, this program comes from an unofficial source, bypassing Google’s strict security measures to protect Android users from malware like this. Teabot.

This is how the malware enters your system, from where it takes control of the malware and starts trying to obtain various permissions, including the option to view and control the screen, and view the activity without the owner’s knowledge.

If granted, these permissions will be used to retrieve sensitive information such as login credentials, SMS messages, and two-factor authentication codes from the device screen. QR code and barcode scanner It seems to be working well and has already received good reviews from Google Play users.

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This makes it more difficult to diagnose, because many Google Play Store users completely forget what the app can do.

If you think you have this app installed, it is a good idea to remove it and check all the permissions it may have without your knowledge.

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