Youngblood’s cardigan mashup ‘honors’ Taylor Swift with Avril Lavigne

Youngblood's cardigan mashup 'honors' Taylor Swift with Avril Lavigne

Taylor Swift grabs compliments on Youngblood cardigan cover (Photo: Getty)

Taylor Swift shared recognition for Youngblood’s cardigan mash-up, revealing it ‘took her breath away’.

When the strawberry lipstick star popped into BBC Radio 1’s live launch, she surprised fans by presenting a stunning cover of the cardigan – from Taylor’s folklore album – Avril Lavigne’s I Am With You.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard of it yet, listen to Asap.

The 23-year-old Swift took to Twitter to give a shout out to his legendary performance.

“It took away my comfort, and I’m proud to hear that the cardigan stunning @ Avrilvigan’s masterpiece I have with you,” she wrote.

‘Bravo and thanks @yungblud!’


Youngblood fans go bad over the cover version (Image: Wire Image)

Taylor is not the only person whose cover of Youngblood is not good enough, because fans praised his comment section.

‘All these things can no longer be perfect,’ one wrote.

‘Man it was amazing! You have such a beautiful voice, ‘agreed another. ‘The best cover of a beautiful song!

‘You did your song too, great! You are a powerhouse. ‘

When a Twitter user added: ‘This is a masterpiece! The way you made it! I love it! It should be included in my playlist! ‘

The 11-minute singer – real name Dominic Harrison – has been busy for the past few months, having recently dropped his collaboration with Dencell Curry.

Raising the lid on the new track Lemonade, he expressed Metro’s guilt It is about the injustices that everyone fights on a daily basis.

“Lemon juice puts a lot of pressure on society, and the situation is now on my mind,” he said.

‘It wants to explode. All aspects of my generation are about the injustices I fight against on a daily basis.

‘When people hear this, I want them to let go of that pressure, to lose them one by one because we are strong together.’

‘We know where we stand, we know what we want, we are going to achieve it.’

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