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Young people are the biggest spread of the virus

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Joe Biden wants to reunite immigrant families separated by the Trump administration

Joe Biden continues to unveil the policies of his predecessor. On Tuesday, February 2, he signed three presidential decrees on immigration. The U.S. president said it was to restore the reputation of welcoming the United States. With our correspondent in Washington, Ann Corbett says, “I’m not making a new law, I ‘m eliminating bad policies.” The president wants to address the plight of children separated from their families when they arrive in the United States. To this end, the first order provides for the establishment of a working group responsible for locating the parents of hundreds of children who have not yet been identified. “We will work to erase the moral and national shame of the previous administration, which was literally torn apart. Children from the hands of their families at the border, fathers and mothers, without any plans, no one can reunite these detained children with their families. The second order is the repression of legal immigrants by the Trump administration.” Establishing, and a third contributes to the naturalization of immigrants on American soil for years, Joe Biden breaks records with the number of orders he receives and comes to power, but in order for his legacy to survive, he will have to pass legislation on immigration, which has already been sent to Congress by elected officials, but has not been considered by racists. The vote will be taken by Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas, who is spearheading this major reform. He was the first Hispanic American to carry the flag.

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