You won’t believe what settings to turn off to save your phone battery

You won't believe what settings to turn off to save your phone battery

In summer, we want to relax without worrying about the phone drying out so often. That Didn’t need itTo take the fun out of finding an electrical outlet to charge your phone, experts share Tips that will allow you to extend your phone’s battery life and charge your device less often.

Battery efficiency is an essential criterion when choosing a new mobile phone. It is very important that the smartphone is powered by at least 3000 mAh battery. Since we do a lot of things on our phone, it drains quickly over time. To make the phone battery last longer, several useful tricks need to be applied”, says E. Viselga, Smart Master Service Guide for Tele2 devices.

The specialist emphasizes that it is worth reading the recommendations of phone manufacturers, because by following them you can Have a smooth running phone and long lasting battery. All information about the care of the phone and battery can be found in the device documentation or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Apple’s Device Care Guide recommends regularly updating your phone’s operating system, which features advanced technology to save phone battery power. Android phone users are advised to charge their devices with a charger designed for their specific model – the wrong charger can charge the device too slowly or damage the battery.

1. Forget charging your phone overnight. Charging the phone overnight achieves a full charge cycle (0-100 percent), which is nothingra is recommended as the phone’s battery weakens over time. So, charge partially to 40-80%. This method of charging the phone equalizes the battery voltage and does not generate excess heat, which negatively affects the operation of the device.

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2. Avoid high temperatures. Temperature also contributes to longer battery life. In fact, the biggest enemy of long battery life is heat. High temperatures stress the battery, causing it to discharge very quickly. It is not recommended to leave the phone in high temperatures and charge it with a protective case in a car or windows where sunlight can reach it.

3. Take a break from gaming and avoid the bright screen. If you want to enjoy a full phone battery for a longer time, try not to play games on the phone, do not send videos, avoid the maximum brightness of the screen – these actions quickly drain the power of the phone. If you do not want to withdraw from games and change your habits, remember that the phone will discharge very quickly.

4. Disable unused settings. Running various functions or programs on the phone reduces the battery charge of the phone. If you want to save battery, it is necessary to turn off functions that are not in use at the time, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or location visibility. It’s location sharing that uses a lot of your phone’s battery, so it’s important to check which apps you’ve given access to. Some applications don’t need it, so turning off access to location tracking can increase the operating time of a charged phone.

5. Do not neglect the power saving function. When power saving mode is enabled, it reduces the performance of the phone and limits some functions of the device. For example, it turns off vibration on Android phones, and on iPhone devices it activates automatic locking, lowers screen brightness, and disables automatic app downloads. However, this feature allows the battery to last longer, so if you don’t have a chance to charge your phone for a long time, saving power can help extend battery life.

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To enable power saving mode on your iPhone, select “Battery” in its settings and click the “Low Power Mode” activation button. The phone automatically offers to enable this function when the battery is low 20 percent. On Android phones, enable Power Saver mode by selecting “Battery & Device Care” in Settings, tapping “Battery” and selecting “Power Saver.”

Asta Buitkutė, “Tele2” public relations representative

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