You signed in your conviction

You signed in your conviction

In a video message released last night by the Ukrainian president, he said of the situation in Kerson, where the Russians are preparing a referendum to declare a people’s republic: But a normal life under the Russians is impossible.

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This one Volodymyr Selensky In a video message released on his social media channels on the eve of the 18th day of the conflict in Ukraine, the man who addressed the Ukrainians was severely harassed and intimidated. Because the Ukrainians were tempted to confront the aggressors, the Ukrainian president pulled it out, especially with allies.: “You signed your verse – when he turns to them he says – the attackers and accomplices should know that we will not forget them. Ukraine will find you and test you as soon as possible or later ”.

Selensky is a warning to the Ukrainian delegation in Kerson Oblast.Southeast of the country, a city held by the Russians since about March 4, although there are still many clashes in the city Where Russia is preparing a referendum aimed at creating a “People’s Republic” Created in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces in 2014 and 2015, and acknowledged by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his famous message initiating the occupation of Ukraine.

What is happening in Kerson

Yesterday, in fact, various local media outlets reported the statements of Sergei Klan, deputy of the Kerson regional government and former member of the Ukrainian parliament. The Russians “call the representatives of the Kerson Regional Council and ask if they are willing to cooperate”. This is an allegation that Selensky is re-launching in his video: “The occupiers of Kerson want to repeat what they did elsewhere: puppet governments and bribery”. However, yesterday, a journalist from Kerson, Konstantin Raishenko, told Radio Svoboda. Russian security forces search for and detain Ukrainian activists, journalists and former military personnel Anyone who does not hide the pro-Ukrainian stance.

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Selensky: “Russians can not control normal life”

This theory does not take into account Selensky’s invitation to citizens and politicians in Kerson.: “Normal life is impossible whenever Russians invade a country – explains Russian President – People fleeing Russia are businessmen, IT specialists, artists who want to express their creativity, people who want to lead a normal life. The brains are leaving Russia. The Russians cannot conquer us, they do not have this power. They have only weapons, but they cannot control normal life.

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