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You should look at the stars / day on August nights

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Although the days are still hot and sunny, the locusts sing like crazy, the apple trees fall, and the smell is in the air – autumn will soon be here. The warm August evenings encourage you to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the summer as much as you can. It is worth it – the starry sky is revealed in all its glory.

You have to move out of the cities

According to Maurice Krastins, head of the Latvian Astronomical Society, August is the time when Perseid meteorites are observed. Perseid is one of the three most active meteorites. This year, on the nights of August, Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in the Solar System, can be observed closely in the southeastern, southern, and southwestern parts of the sky.

Meteors or “falling stars” are observed (mostly dust) when small debris from various comets enters and burns in the Earth’s atmosphere. In the first half of August, Perseid meteorites associated with the Swift-like comet can be observed.

The Persians were one of the three busiest streams, peaking around August 12, but the first Persians could be seen by the end of July. Summer is a grateful time to observe meteorites because summer nights are hot and the sky is often clear. The other two most active meteorites, Geminida and Quadrantid, occur in mid – December (December 13) and early January (about January 4), respectively, but this flow rises for hours, so good weather is often expected on time. When the peaks of these currents are predicted.

However, dormant streams and intermittent (non-stream) meteorites are observed almost every night, so that anyone, even if accidentally opened to the night sky, can sometimes see an unexpectedly bright meteor.

To observe celestial objects at night, it is recommended to choose low-pollution areas with artificial lighting. Although the brightest objects – the Moon and the largest planets in the Solar System – can be observed in cities, the most suitable places for qualitative astronomical observations are in rural areas, where you can distinguish between a light city and a dark rural sky. You can observe the meteorites with the naked eye and enjoy the glory of the starry sky. Using a small telescope, one can assess the details of the brightest objects, such as lunar craters, Jupiter’s moons, atmosphere, Saturn’s rings, as well as the depths of the sky – star clusters and nebulae. Galaxies.

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The secrets of the vastness of heaven

When you see a “falling star”, romantics and dreamers say that you need to think about the desires and it will come true. Merris Krastik laughs and says she does not, but even when “a star falls” no one is forbidden to think of something good and positive. The desire to understand the vastness of heaven has long fascinated people – some did so using a model of mythology, while others allowed free whales to fly in fantasy, which is why we have so many books, movies and other works of art on space travel. No matter how rational a scientist may be, the gambler must be a dreamer, armed with patience and logic. “When I observed a Halley comet in 1986, I was interested in astronomy, but at the time the comet was a little disappointing because it was not easy to see with the naked eye. Performs complex and high quality photographic observations. The video killed the radio star, “Says Maurice Krastins.

Astronomy is not a narrow field of specially technically equipped scientists – anyone interested can engage in observing various astronomical phenomena. “This year, for example, there has been active observation of silver clouds over the summer. Anyone interested in observing relatively common but interesting phenomena such as observing the effect of the sun or the moon while observing this phenomenon is observing the so-called meteorites popularly known as falling stars,” the LAB chief said.

Not just scientists

The main goal of the LAB is to popularize astronomy. Encourages science as a science in organizing astronomy news, seminars for astronomy teachers, a comprehensive curriculum for astronomy, and seminars for student astronomy olympics and events (seminars) open to astronomy amateurs and interested parties. LAB participates in informing the public about current astronomical events.

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Latvia conducts many important studies in astronomy and related fields. They are attended by the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Latvia, the Institute of Engineering at the University College of Wentspils, and the Wentspils International Radio Astronomy Center. “From these projects I can highlight the intricate research of small bodies in the solar system, the evolution of organisms in the stellar and planetary regions, and the next generation of Ventiples University college censored programmers. Lofar Institution of a Radio Telescope (LOFAR), “adds Krastik.

Significant achievements

The participation of Baldon astronomers in the study of small bodies in the Solar System is one of the projects of international importance in Latvian astronomy. Many asteroids have been found in Baldon, and Carbon Star is actively involved in maintaining the catalog. The Baldon Astrophysics Observatory is one of the world’s leading carbon star researchers, and is currently tasked with compiling an international catalog of all carbon stars discovered by its astronomers, which are currently being updated and supplemented.

“We are doing research on small bodies in the solar system that may be used to extract minerals in the future. There are minerals that are very deep and inaccessible on Earth, but these substances are also present on other planets. Is likely to happen, “said Dr. John H. Snyder, deputy director of the Astronomical Institute and a leading researcher at the University of Latvia and head of the Baldon Astrophysics Observatory. Fais. Ilgmar’s Iglitis. He has about 100 newly discovered asteroids from smaller planets in the Solar System, for which he received the Science of the Year award a few years ago.

Asteroid research is essential to know if a hazardous object is approaching our planet, what the dangers are and how to prevent them. Eglitis explains that by detecting the approach of such large asteroids in a timely manner, collisions with the Earth can be prevented – a certain gravitational plane can change the direction of these planets. Sounds like a fantasy movie story, but we’ll have a chance!

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The telescope at the Baldon Observatory is one of Schmidt’s telescopes with a great view. Unlike most SLRs, the main mirror has a parabolic reflective surface, while the Smith Telescope mirror is spherical. The Baldon Schmid telescope with direct companies can select star coordinate measurements, suitable light filters, star and square objects (comets, nebulae, galaxies) and provide bright measurements in different wavelength ranges.

The Schmid Telescope Archive of Highly Informed Astronomical Companies currently contains about 25,000 companies, the digitization of which will bring many new and interesting discoveries because the observations made at Baldon were differently planned. For nearly 40 years, the telescope regularly observed selected areas of the sky. Thus, after the digitization of astronomy companies, global astronomers will be able to analyze changes in these areas over a period of 40 years. “We are currently digitizing the telescope’s photographic plates. We have been monitoring and collecting data for 40 years, but after their digitization they will soon be available to other scientists,” Eglitz explains.

Excursions for enthusiasts

  • Currently, due to the epidemic, amateur observatories in Latvia are not widely available, but can be visited by applying in advance and observing the restrictions imposed by the country.
  • It is worth going to the Lilceltic Observatory in Balgal.
  • It is open to visitors Starspace Observatory Suntanos.
  • Excursions also take place at the Baldon Observatory.
  • By booking a tour in advance you can find a lot of interesting things at the Meteorite Museum.
  • In addition, before the epidemic, observations were made for amateurs at the L‌U Astronomical Tower in 19 Raina Boulevard, Riga.

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