You read and see it all, was it saliva? – Free daily

You read and see it all, was it saliva?  - Free daily

We are in it United States, Will face a major emergency like Italy, with long-burning fires in California. But in this case there is no mention of the weather disaster and the damage caused by the flames.

No, we’re talking about it Joe Biden. A video of enjoying a pinch Donald Trump, Used to call the President of the United States “Sleepy Joe”, in short, a sleeper, not very attentive, not so good. To some extent, the dubious video appears to confirm Trump’s theories and allegations.

At Zoom, a conference on the fire emergency is being held, attended by the U.S. president and governors. At one point, an assistant approaches Biden and gives him a note. You read the text of the note very badly: “Mr. President, There is something in his chin“Yes, Joe Biden was dirty. So, he read the note and with a wave of his hand, wiped what he had on the bottom of his face, it looked like a little saliva, so he started talking again as if nothing had happened.

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