You cannot interrupt the work of inspectors

You cannot interrupt the work of inspectors

In a speech to the IAEA Board of Governors Atomic energy Director-General Rafael Grossi on Monday renewed the requirement that Iran be transparent and provide information to build confidence. He confirmed that the three undeclared sites did not provide the necessary explanations for the presence of any nuclear material. In its area even months after the request.

He said confidence would not be rebuilt if Tehran did not show commitment. Referring to Iran’s persistent dialogue on dealing with good faith, I hope those words will become a serious matter.

He said the authorities could not stop the work of international inspectors and pretended to have mutual trust.

He said Iran had said it would co-operate but had done nothing, and that the agency was very concerned about the lack of clear and unambiguous answers from Tehran. Because the nuclear material that was on the three undeclared sites in the country is now in unknown places.

He further added that there was concern that the technical talks between the agency and Iran were not yielding the expected results and that Tehran ‘s call for clarification should address these issues without further delay.

He said talks with Iran had not made significant progress, that the Vienna talks were complex and that there was no time limit for commitment to a nuclear deal.

Security Guarantee

He added that the agency’s ability to guarantee the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program was being undermined by the lack of progress on the file, and that information, documents and answers should be provided to the agency’s questions.

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The Board of Governors agreed to resume the Sixth Round For nuclear talks Launched in the Austrian capital last April.

Any decision taken by the meetings is likely to escalate the conflict between Tehran and the West, thus jeopardizing the Vienna talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

Reports unfavorable to Iran

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, said Sunday that he was not allowed to interfere in the Vienna talks on a joint comprehensive plan.

He added in a tweet via Twitter that he would include an expanded agenda list in the hope that it would release pro-Iran reports.

Clear explanation!

At the last quarterly meeting of the 35 – nation Board of Governors comprising three European powers, a US – backed resolution criticizing Tehran was drafted but not officially submitted. Atomic Agency Director Rafael Grossi announces new discussions.

From the Vienna meetings on Iran’s nuclear program

The IAEA said last week that talks aimed at persuading Iran to explain the source of the uranium particles believed to be linked to the activities long before the nuclear deal failed to lead to new explanations.

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