You can leave after July 31st

You can leave after July 31st


Overseas news and confirmations for tourism in the summer of 2021. Il Health Minister Roberto Sporanza The signing of the long-awaited was announced last night with a post on Facebook New Ordinance of July 29th It regulates travel outside Italy and updates the list of countries where travel is possible.

Restrictions on epidemiologically dangerous states such as Sri Lanka and Brazil have been confirmed The volume of permitted extra-EU travel is increasing (Table D). Although there are some restrictions on returns.

New Ordinance on Overseas Travel in the Summer of 2021: Statement by Minister Sporenza

“I signed the ordinance yes Expand restrictions on entry into Italy from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil. “Apart from the list recommended by the European Union, a 10-day embargo has been confirmed for non-European countries, for which the embargo will be reduced to 5 days,” Minister Sperenza wrote. Adds: “The Mini shipping ban from Great Britain Vaccination and healing certificates can be used for the green pass in the Italian region. The access system has been extended to European countries, the Schengen area, and Canada, Japan, and the United States with the requirements of green certification. “

New Ordinance (Not yet in the G Official Gazette) will be entered Effective July 31, and valid until August 30, 2021.

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Overseas Travel: A place where Italians can go from July 31, 2021

Prohibition, Green Pass, New Accessible Countries, and Rules to Respect When Returning to Italy: As Infections Rise Around the World, Due to the proliferation of the Delta variant, one travels abroad. Keep in mind that everything can change quickly depending on the trend of infections in Italy or the destination country. So let’s try to clarify to understand Italians can go and do anything when they return to Italy.

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Countries that can travel for tourism without restrictions

‘S lists A and B countries that can travel for tourism without restrictions or reporting obligations (Except what states may charge for entry into their territory). List A includes Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State. No country is still on the list of epidemiological risk areas.

Travel to the European Union and Schengen countries: there you can go for tourism

The list has been updated instead Countries listed in c, Exits the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and British bases on the island of Cyprus).

According to Italian law, one can travel for tourism:




Ip cipro


Denmark (including Faroe Islands and Greenland)



France (excluding Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte and other parts of the European continent)








Netherlands (excluding European continents)


Portugal (including Azores and Madeira)

• Czech Republic




Spain (including parts of the African continent)




Ich Liechtenstein




Mon Principality of Monaco


It is important to remember that It is always possible for these countries to have restrictions on entry. It is recommended to always check the country data sheet of interest in ViaggiareSicuri.

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What to do when returning to Italy from a C-listed country

Must be someone who has lived or passed in one of the C-listed countries 14 days before returning to Italy Fill out the Plf form Before entering our country (Here we explain what it is, where it was downloaded and how it works). You need to submit Green Pass or one of the valid Green Certificates (Certificate of completion of vaccination cycle, Certificate of recovery from Kovid-19, negative result of rapid or antigenic cholecystitis performed within the previous 48 hours).

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Non-EU Travel: You can go in the summer of 2021

With the new Ordinance of the Ministry of Health dated July 29, 2021, the list of non-EU states and territories included is expanded..

For example, let’s look at how we can reach many of the Balkans that were previously closed for tourism, while Thailand, in view of the increase in infections, is disappearing from the D list and moving to the EU. So from 31st July to 30th August 2021 Italy travels to:


• Saudi Arabia




Bosnia and Herzegovina



United Arab Emirates







New Zealand


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (excluding territories not on the European continent, including Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the British bases on the island of Cyprus)

Republic of Korea

Republic of Northern Macedonia






പ്രത്യേക Special administrative areas in Hong Kong and Macau

However, in this case, as Farnesina recently reminded us, traveling abroad can involve a health risk and the possibility of being trapped at a destination if you have a Kovid-19 positive. , It is a good idea to check that states do not anticipate any restrictions on access.

For example, if Italy is actually open to travel USA, Here it is left The travel ban is still in effect Anyone coming from the Schengen area (including Italy) is prohibited from entering the country.

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Overseas Travel Outside the European Union: What to do when returning to Italy from a D-listed country

The rules for entering Italy are more stringent for those who have lived or crossed a country in Schedule D.

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In fact it is mandatory PLF – Fill in and submit the Passenger Locator form Available in digital or paper format and during boarding Certificate showing negative result of molecular or antigen test conducted as a result of a kylase within 72 hours of entering our country.

This term is abbreviated 48 hours for those coming from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland As we will explain in the next card.

Once you arrive in Italy 5 days of faithful isolation is mandatory at the address specified in the PLF e Undergo a molecular or antigen test, Leading the way to a kaylas at the end of the isolation period.

Returnees are considered for special conditions Canada, Japan, and the USA use the Green Pass, as we will explain in the next tab.

Where you can’t travel for tourism

The rest of the countries not included in the above listsCast e. Travel to these states is certainly permissible Return home only for work purposes, perfect emergency, health and study.

Therefore, the rules for returning to Italy are different for those who have lived or passed in these countries: in addition to the obligation to fill out the PLF, present the negative result of a molecular or antigenic time performed in the previous 72. Hours, 10 days of faithful isolation upon arrival in Italy. At the end of the isolation, a new test should be performed.

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