You can find all the information about the hit series here

You can find all the information about the hit series here

The comedy series “Shit’s Creek” begins at the Golden Globes

The Canadian sitcom, which can only be seen in the USA on the relatively unknown pay-TV channel Pop TV, won two categories: “Shit’s Creek”, “Best Series – Comedy or Musical”, and “Best Series Lead Actress – Comedy or Musical”. Overcome high class competition. If you want to convince yourself of the great performance of leading actress Catherine O’Hara, You can find the entire season of “Shit’s Creek” to stream on Tivino.

What is “Shit’s Creek” about?

The series is a classic sitcom surrounding the Rose family. The parents of a wealthy video store mogul and famous soap actress will lose all their possessions overnight. Jokingly, Papa Johnny once bought a small town called Shitz Creek with his sons David and Alexis, where they are now making a fresh start. Of course, when you meet the inhabitants of the earth, there are countless strange and interesting situations.

Who is behind “Shit’s Creek”?

There is a real family behind this family story: Eugene Levy (73), known as Jim’s father from the “American Pie” movies, came up with the idea for “Shit’s Creek” with his son Daniel Levy (37). Both play the lead roles of father and son in the series. Eugene Levy’s daughter Sarah Levy (34) is also seen in the series. Eugene Levy’s brother, Fred Levy, is also the executive producer.

In Germany, the hit series “Shit’s Creek” is aired on Tivino

“Shit’s Creek” is a Canadian production of local public broadcaster CBC. It premiered in January 2015. A few weeks later, the comedy series began in the USA as well, but the above-mentioned and relatively unknown small pay-TV broadcaster was “only” on pop TV. Only then did Netflix jump on the bandwagon, having topped the top five in at least six seasons so far. However, only in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Individual seasons can be purchased as downloads from Amazon. In Germany, “Shitz Creek” only works on Tivino.

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How many more episodes of “Shit’s Creek” are coming?

Feature of the series: This is already over. The final episode of the final, sixth season aired in April 2020 in the USA. Tivino also has final episodes. There will be no new round. In total, the producers produced 80 episodes, each lasting only 22 minutes, in five years. You have decided on a final step, thank you for giving me this creative freedom, it said in a statement. When the final curtain falls one knows that it is a privilege to decide oneself from an artistic point of view.

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