You are invited to vote for Thai names. “Exoplanets in the Solar System” | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

You are invited to vote for Thai names.  "Exoplanets in the Solar System" |  Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

sorry Invite you to vote for the Thai name of extrasolar planet “GJ 3470b” to propose to the International Astronomical Union to emphasize Thainess as one of the universes by participating in the poll from now – 2 Dec 65

Today (12 November 2022) Mr. Supachai Avifan, a researcher with the Exoplanet Research Group and Biological Astrophysics, according to SDR. Invite Thais to nominate exo-solar planets in 2022. Thais can join in nominating GJ 3470b Thailand, an exo-solar planet under action. NameExoWorlds 2022 is organized by the International Astronomical Union, a national member.

GJ 3470b is the first exoplanet studied by Thai astronomers with the National Observatory’s 2.4-meter National Telescope. The event was also held in Doi Intanon, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Observatory in 2023.

The Royal Thai Police invited Thai people to nominate exoplanet GJ 3470b and the parent star GJ 3470 along with students, teachers and the public through online channels in October 2022. More than 340 Thai name nominations took part, and then a panel of experts considered choosing a pair of names for the parent star – the extrasolar planet. Those who are fully qualified according to the specified criteria, the number of 2 names to participate in the selection of Thai people’s favorite Thai names

Caucosine – Phylline Siam (Phyllincium)

To name ideas In ancient belief the twinkling stars in the sky are the jewels that adorn the heavens. In heaven, Indra is the supreme ruler of angels with a magic crystal. Hence, it is called the mother star “Kyiv Kosin” In other words, Rattanakosin is the period when this star was discovered. Also has a satellite of Neela Ratanachat viz “Pailin Siam” with the rhyming name “Kyiv Kosin” And “Pailin Siam”

Thai Ruby (Tabtimthai) – Sapphire Lom (Phyllinlom)

The naming concept is that the stars are like gems in the sky, and the Noparat or Noppakao has long been an auspicious gem in Thai society. Therefore, I want the names of Thai gems to be inscribed in the sky as the names of the two stars in this system. “Thai Ruby” Ruby from Siam, the king of ancient gems. Its red color represents its parent star, the red dwarf star GJ 3470.

part “Sapphire Surrounded” The planet is named because Sapphire has the same blue color as GJ 3470 b and orbits its parent star.

Therefore, the public is invited to vote for Thai names for extrasolar planets. Vote for your name in more officially announced to propose to the International Astronomical Union for recognition Click From now – 2 December 2022

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