Yoho loses calm, calls AOC ‘disgusting, fuc***n little bit*ch’ in the Capitol

Yoho calls AOC

Capitol Hill isn’t the exact just after an regrettable flip of gatherings unfolded this 7 days. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla) allegedly went full guns blazing to assault Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N-Y). Seemingly the incident took place when Rep. Yoho even though coming down east side techniques of the Capitol on Monday.

What Yoho reported

AOC reportedly challenged Yoho on issues connected to policing and crimes on the actions of Capitol. Yoho was coming down the steps just after casting his vote and though AOC was headed up to forged hers, is when a heated trade of phrases took location.

Yoho to AOC, statement 1: “You are out of your freaking head.”

Yoho to AOC, statement 2: “You are disgusting”.

Yoho as a parting considered, assertion 3: “Fuc***g little bit*h”.

Yoho abuses AOC in the CapitolIBT India

Yoho is considered to have responded to a assertion by AOC wherein she not long ago prompt that poverty and unemployment had been a primary bring about of growing crimes in New York Metropolis throughout the pandemic. To which, Yoho responded with ‘ you are disgusting’ and ‘you are out of your freaking mind’.


Yoho to AOC, assertion 1: “You are out of your freaking intellect.”


Yoho to AOC, assertion 2: “You are disgusting”.


Yoho as a parting considered, assertion 3: “Fuc***g little bit*h”.


The liberal AOC, stunned at this kind of unparliamentary language, retorted with “you are remaining rude”. Soon soon after the incident, AOC reported, “This kind of confrontation has not took place to me —ever” and that “I have never ever had that variety of abrupt, disgusting type of disrespect levied at me.”


“This sort of confrontation hasn’t occurred to me —ever”


AOC responds to Yoho

AOC responds to YohoIBT India

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