Yodeling concerts in Switzerland create one of the worst COVID hotspots in Europe

Yodeling concerts in Switzerland create one of the worst COVID hotspots in Europe

Swiss authorities have expressed concern about two sing-loading yodeling concerts attended by 600 fans of traditional singing, now known as the SuperSpreader COVID-19 events, which have turned a small Swiss cantonment into a hot spot. The second wave of epidemics is sweeping Europe.

People who took part in indoor demonstrations in Swiss canton at the end of September were instructed to keep a social distance but were not required to wear masks.

Small rural areas now have a positive rate of 50 percent (Half of all tests return positive), making it the highest epidemic rate in Europe, doubling the case numbers every day for the past week.

Beat Hagner, who organized the events, told a local Swiss TV station that nine days after the event, several members of the main group who attended both concerts were diagnosed with the disease. “We can’t do anything about what happened to this yodeling group,” he said.

Face masks are still not needed in the cantonment, but local hospital director Francisco Folmi said people should wear them to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus and to put pressure on people from the area hospital where they are suffering.

“It’s time we responded,” hospital chief doctor Reto News said in the same TV interview. “The explosion in Switzerland is one of the worst in Europe.”

COVID-19 infections are on the rise across Europe. France registered 30,000 new cases in 24 hours on Thursday. This led to the imposition of curfews in cities like Paris. Italy, the epicenter of the European eruption, also saw more infections than the first wave.

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Officials blame the reopening of schools and the reluctance of young people to take the new wave seriously. Attempts to disrupt nightlife have done little to mitigate the spread across the European Union.

Although yodeling is popular in the Tyrol region and other alpine regions of Austria, the Swiss canton is the first known example of a traditional system associated with the COVID-19 eruption.

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