YoAnn Robin, from Kerglough, overcomes shyness during her volunteer service – Carhaix

YoAnn Robin, from Kerglough, overcomes shyness during her volunteer service - Carhaix

Among the family of international mobility programs, Mob’Europe is perhaps the best known. However, there are other schemes such as the European Solidarity Corps, the so-called European Voluntary Service until 2018, where there are longer stays. Two young men from Pace Cobb are currently in this type of accommodation. in addition to Lillian Grimshaw from La Feuille, which we recently featuredYon Robin, 21, from Kerglough, is living in Northern Ireland until December.

What kind of path did you follow?

Yoann Robin – In high school, I studied car mechanics until my professional baccalaureate, then I continued in BTS as a car technician. Despite the covid period, I held on and made it through. However, in the end, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with auto mechanics. I just wanted to make a parenthesis, which doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it in the future. I turned to the local mission to see what they could offer me. I explained to them that I was interested in an experience abroad. They told me about European volunteering, which made me want to try my luck. Later they contacted me Gwennily Association in Quimper. All I have to do is choose the country I want to go to…

Yon Robin, in front of Mount Slemish, Northern Ireland. (Photo courtesy of Yoann Robin)

How did you make your choice?

A site lists countries where you can live. Volunteers can indicate a domain preference or their areas of interest. For my part, I put sports or art. But sometimes they need some experience. I applied for three positions: Poland, Germany and Northern Ireland. The first two did nothing. On the other hand, the day I applied in Ireland, I got an answer the same evening. I found it powerful. The next week we had a video conference and they offered me the job. It is a charitable association called “Habitat for Humanity” that collects corporate donations. Money raised helps build homes in Northern Ireland.

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Did you speak English before you left?

I had good academic standing. And I also watched a lot of videos in English since I was 10 years old. It helped me a lot… Adaptation went well. I left France for the first time, except for school trips. Even though I share a flat with another Frenchman, we learn to live alone.

What do you do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, I manage the cash register and visit individuals to collect donations. Store management and customer contact were the experiences I was looking for. I serve.

What did you take away from it?

It raised me. I was very shy before coming here. I gained confidence in myself. I can now reach out to others. I had my worries and I think I came out of it well. Irish people are very friendly.

Did these months in Ireland help you see more clearly about your professional future?

It understood my skills well. There were orientations that never happened to me, like construction. But my idea is not there yet. When I get back, I’ll look for a quick job to make some money, maybe I’ll consider training, maybe going back to school.

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