Yes to Tonally-Berardi. Surprisingly refreshing and fresh

Yes to Tonally-Berardi.  Surprisingly refreshing and fresh
Domenico Berardi

Latest News Italy World Mancini – Among the many theories about the moment of entry of our national team, there is at least one practical assurance that everyone agrees today: we need more innovation in Belfast tomorrow night. The one that Italy found in the last half hour against Switzerland on Friday evening had two distinct names: Sandro Tonali and Domenico Berardi, writes Gazette Dello Sport.

Even the Sassuolo winger, like Bastoni and Calabria, tested old flexor fatigue yesterday, giving negative results and then limiting himself to recovery in the pool. So, except for last minute surprises, Mimo will be available even to start the game.

Only today can Mancini understand more and more about how much and how he will change the team in this match against Northern Ireland, which is cleverly bitten, so hasty, but trying to score as many goals as possible; It is not a guarantee that those two – if Berardi gives the necessary assurances – will be new faces, but not even a gamble.

They have one hour more rest than the others, and they have about half an hour’s psychological emphasis: with them it was another Italy, which led the attack – Mancini said – “We put Switzerland there.” There it means it sticks to the wall. But Tonald and Berardi are above average for the rest of the team the other day. From a psychological point of view, this is all about the AC Milan player.

Mancini’s reference to “resting and regaining strength” on Friday evening was not accidental. After all, his choice in midfield will depend on the physical reactions of the past two days: today’s job will help him figure out who to leave and make room for Tonal (who has already been tested as a “high mezzanine” since Monday), between Burella and Locatelli. That is, which of the two has the largest reservoir.

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Theoretically, Nerasuri has played 16 of 16 matches with Inter since the end of August and five of six matches with the national team (on the bench against Lithuania only). Those who came to retreat with muscle weakness. But even Mancini does not deny his traits: stability and the resistance that makes us think – put that physical problem behind him – he will be better tomorrow than Friday; Compared to Locatelle, the weight of the shirt, the importance of certain matches and the mental stamina that make him feel inferior. Last night he went out in front of his 20’s companion, though physically less “dangerous”; He played with the courage and mental freedom of those rising in the European Championship and today he was able to feel a little more of the pressure of responsibility.

Mancini’s choice for the criminal department would be more “philosophical”: OK, include Berardi, but for whom? The Irish defense, equipped with bigger and bigger central players, should theoretically attack players who “do not allow themselves to be caught” and be able to get out of their control. In the case of the “pure” striker, it could be Gianluca Schumacher’s turn: not only his physical prowess but also his technical prowess to play with the team. The boy has to grow up in a strategic combination compared to the half-hour he played against Lithuania in September, but Statik’s self-trap.

But Lorenzo Insane could have even given a few points about the Irish marchers: already on Friday he could have alternated with Chisa (starting from the left and looking for a shot more conveniently), or Bernadette. , In concentration to test the door looking spaces on the face. Gallo himself, as well as Raspadori, will be the alternative cards to play during the race.

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There are few doubts on the defense, where the coach has a few choices: Bostoni lost, and Gianluca Mancini is the only possible alternative to Azerbaijan. Calabria (who kicked the calf) out of Emerson’s place may have played immediately or in the race: at this point, Zapacosta has the potential for a part-time job, bringing his flexibility back to the blue as he is able to play after three years. Right and left. In Atlanta it was used by Gas‌perini, in the emergency phase, as a high-attacking winger.

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