Yemen Crippa competes in the 10km on the streets of Forli on Saturday 8 October

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Saturday afternoon, October 9, Yemen Crippa He will be the most anticipated man at the event “Starry Night” di Forlì, the first edition of the event that revolves around a 10 km route (5 km for women) in the heart of the city of Romagna. The 10,000m Trentino Gold Flame champion overtook Ethiopian Mukhtar Edris and the other blue Pietro Riva in the center of Trento to start the Giro in third place at Al Sass on day seven at 5pm. On this occasion, the main competitor was one of the blue medalists of the Munich expedition, the bronze of the 3000 hurdles, Osama Zoghlami (Air Force), again testing himself over a longer distance. “I want to control the race and animate the public – declares Crippa the day before – we are at the beginning of winter preparation, we cannot always start with a cannon. But I want to do better. This is the last race before I leave for the rally in Kenya at the end of October, where I will spend a month on high ground to prepare for the cross season and achieve my 2023 goal.

Among the athletes announced by the organizers are two Irishmen Paul Robinson and Andrew Coscoran, two Burundians Jean Marie Niomukisa (Libertas Unicusano Livorno), Celestine Ndikumana (Atl. Sandro Calvesi) and Italians Francesco Guevara (GP Parco Alpi). ), Sebastiano Parolini (Vertovese Mountaineering Group), Mattia Padovani (Atl. Lecco Colombo Costruccioni), Samuel Medolago (Atl. Valle Brembana), Francesco Conti (Imola Sacmi Avis), Riccardo Tamascia (Trevisatletica. )

A European champion also competes among women: it is Albanian Luisa Ghega, queen of the hedges at the Olympiastadion after fifth place at the World Championships in Eugene. At the start (6.15 pm) Aimee Pratt (Great Britain) and seventh hedgerow at the World and European Championships. In blue, Michole Majori (Pro Sesto Atl.), Laura Dalla Monta (Acindustria Sport) and Giovanna Selva (Progetto Sport Vico) were expected. The special guest was the Olympic champion of the 20 km walk Antonella Palmisano (Fiamme Gialle), godmother of the event and continues on Sunday in the first edition of the Forli Marathon.

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