Yellen hopes Ireland, Hungary and Estonia will join the tax deal

Yellen hopes Ireland, Hungary and Estonia will join the tax deal

“Oh My feeling is that these countries (Ireland, Hungary, Estonia) want to find a way to a ‘yes’, Janet Yellen said in Brussels on Tuesday, in a meeting with journalists who questioned the reluctance of the trio to the European Union.

Yellen cites Estonia as an example, pointing out that “there will be several months of discussions at the OECD to analyze the concerns of these countries”, which contain very specific and unusual tax laws, and technical aspects (how to deal with them).

“Details have not yet been prepared,” Yellen said.

Finance ministers in the top 20 economies on Saturday approved a revolutionary tax reform bill. It pays at least 15% world tax on the profits of the largest international companies, and distributes the right to tax more evenly to these companies.

The details for its application are still under discussion in the OECD framework from 2023 until October.

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