Yeats won the best jumping stallion title across the channel: the crown of a misunderstood legend.

Yeats won the best jumping stallion title across the channel: the crown of a misunderstood legend.

At the age of 21, the unforgettable Yeats, the only four-time winner of the Ascot Gold Cup, won the title of Best Jumping Stallion across the channel thanks to the victory of his son Noble Yeats at the Grand National of Entree. This is the final recognition of this misunderstood legend who sailed for a long time in the shadow of the great fish Coolmore, but shone in the Channel and in France, and above all, achieved the feat of conquering this crown. His lifetime!

A sometimes misunderstood legend, at the age of 21, Yeats won his first title of Anglo-Irish jumping “champion sire”.

Yates. We’re still talking about a horse with a statue in the Royal Ascot’s presentation ring. A legendary horse, a record-breaker, yet some ranked him in the forgotten box, and his results in the studio early in his career were considered very disappointing. But at 21, with only 5000 5000 parked, it all comes down to who knows how to wait. Castlehead Stud, The former champion of the Coolmore team has won the Best Jumping Stallion title for the first time in England and Ireland, thanks to an incredible season.

Statue of Yeats at the Royal Ascot

Yates shined this year with the Gr.1 winners Flooring Porter (On Stairs Hurd) and Combined (Irish Gold Cup), and not only good Chantry HouseFinally with Noble Yeats. The memorable winner of the Aintree Grand National just 7 years old for the last amateur ride Sam Wally-CohenHe allowed his father to beat the finish Fame and glory, Also a Gold Cup winner, who died at a very young age. This title of “Champion Sir” is certainly a win-win, with Yetz topping the list with about വിജയ 3m of his production successes during the season, when you know the amount of offerings offered across the channel. . Note also the French Kapgarde Ranked 4th in the rankings, thanks to the champions, despite having much smaller starters than their rivals Descendants of Obi-Wan, Fakir of Audairies Yes of course see you later.

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Noble Yeats secured the title of Yeats by winning the Entree Grand National title with Sam Wally-Cohen.

Coolmore’s showjumping stallions have often topped this ranking and have been doing so for a long time. Deep run He won the title 14 times in a row from 1979 to 1993, and then changed that Introduce my native, supreme leader Or Flemensfirth And Milano. The Irish racing giant actually has 2 jumping branches, the best known being the Grange Stud. Yates, who started his career in flats, has been established at Castlehead Stud since 2015. Given that he was the only winner of a group called Stearns, he had only very limited success in discipline Montali. At the same time, a distant horse like him would be used to jump straight nowadays, which was not the case at the time. Despite his sphere of influence due to his brilliant racing career, the Yeats never rose above 10,000 euros and dropped to 5,000 euros in recent years, which is a very affordable, in short Irish style. … a great thing!

Reliance Yeats’ fourth consecutive Ascot Gold Cup win, 2009

Yates did not return to the study until he was 9, at the end of an extraordinary career. Undefeated in his first 3 outings, he was the biggest favorite of the Epsom Derby, but was injured just before the deadline … He returned at 4pm to win his first GR1 in the Coronation Cup. At the age of 5, he won his first gold cup for 4 lengths in France, returning after a 242-day absence. ReefscapeIt’s time not to run more than 2800 meters! He later became a racing legend, winning 3 other titles at the big event, including an Irish St. Ledger and Prix Royal Oak (Gr. 1). Unfortunately, the long-distance segment has never been the one that brings the most glory, but the Yetis is one of the horses that marked the great history of our sport. We repeat ourselves, but a statue in Ascot is not in vain.

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Yeats’ French Jumping Champion Figuro breeds Thierry Cyprus (April)

Do not forget that the Yeats are one of the rare Irish jumping stallions to shine in France. Over the years, he has received a few from many of the best breeders in the discipline, especially from them Theory Cyprus, Who does not hesitate to take his baby dreams on a journey. He gave him some good winners, including the champion Figero, Winner of the Maurice Gilloys (Gran.1), and placed in the Grand Steeple and Hey Jocelyn. In 2021 he also had a full sister, name La Hora. Gray’s father is also Yeats CoffeeWho won the Prix Renaud du Vivier (Gr. 1) at Butt Mortmart? Footpad And Adrian du Pont. However, the champion steer did not have the sphere of influence he had on the track. But winning his first title, “Champion Zaire,” in his lifetime, is by no means a metaphor … a crown worthy of this sometimes misunderstood epic.

Yeats at the start of the week with the Castlehead Stud team … Nice leg, good eye at 21!

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