XV of France: Romaine Natamac in Chiaroscuro

XV of France: Romaine Natamac in Chiaroscuro

Tiring. In his first period since the end of October, opener Romain Natamac changed things for the better and for the worse like France’s 16th. The desire to win the six-nation tournament failed in Scotland on Friday. .

The 21-year-old Toulouse, who was flawless in front of the poles in the first period (3/3), later missed two transitions, with no chance to stand out in the game as a whole, and Damien Penard, who signed the essay despite participating in the production of the second Frenchman.

The last time the Blues’ N.10 played in white was by Toulouse on October 31, 2020. France finished the tournament with a solid victory over Ireland (35-27) (35-27). To take second place just one breath away from the reigning champions England.

Injuries did not exclude “NTK”. A sore throat initially prevented him from taking part in the fall tour. A double fracture of his jaw during the top 14 match on December 14 removed him from the field for more than two months, leaving Ireland (50-1) out of the first two matches of the tournament (50-10) in Italy.

Meanwhile, N.2 Matthew Jallibert of the predecessor’s ranks melted into the French setting and took on the form of a potential owner more and more.

In England, on March 13, Bordeaux played the entire match, and Ntamack, who had been playing in the midfield, returned to the France group to help the family (23-20) beat the bench.

The conclusion that Jollybert experienced within half an hour against Wales last Saturday allowed Toulouse to return to the front of the stage. Serious and enthusiastic (4 points on 100% victory), he was instrumental in miraculously changing the French situation in the final moments (32-30).

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Coach Fabian Galtick considered “he was very brave in a fun match”, “he was able to make the right decisions” and “bring all his talents”.

Jollybert, the package for the war against Scotland, logically found a starting point for Entomac.

– Heavy rain –

On Friday, the first French points were awarded with an easy penalty in the 10m (ninth). Penalty hit the winger almost two minutes before his low kick.

“NTK” did not perform well in the first half and unleashed another ball (10). But his success in front of the poles was excellent. In heavy rain, this 44-meter penalty kick must be won or Bryce Dull’s attempt must be transformed, with the center more than 35 meters on the right.

The second half, without rain, was more complicated for him, with an entrance ahead. The young N.10 then had the opportunity to take his team ten steps further. But Penand’s beautiful attempt to end up as a football player was missed by the posts.

Shaking his head in frustration, Tolstoy returned to action. But like his team, he advanced against a tough Scottish team. Second-row Swan Rebadge made his first international attempt, and France’s third in the competition.

Ntamack still lost the boat and saw the ball graze to the left of the poles.

The Scots won 27-23 in the final. A disappointing evening.

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