XPG announces products and technologies to be introduced at CES 2022

XPG announces products and technologies to be introduced at CES 2022

Under the theme “Dawn of a New Xtreme”, the company will present the latest products from XPG and ADATA, including gaming systems, peripherals, accessories, newer DDR5 memory modules, and PCIe 5.0 SSDs. And the latest state-of-the-art Platinum Power Supply. The stand can be found at Venetian, Tissot Ballroom, # 2202.

XPG and ADATA build the latest Gen5x 4 PCIe SSDs and DDR5 memory modules for CES. At the booth, visitors will be able to see for the first time the new DDR5 RGB XPG LANCER and XPG CASTER memory, which offer excellent read / write speeds of up to 6000 MT / s and 7000 MT / s, respectively. The ADATA DDR5-4800 U / SO / R-DIMM with on-die ECC and PMIC will also be on display.

Both prototype PCIe Gen5x 4 ADATA SSDs will have a special look in the booth. These include the Silicon Motion SM2508 controller and the “Project Nighthawk” capable of providing continuous reading / writing performance up to 14/12 GB / s, and the “Project Blackbird” with the InnoGrit IG5666 controller capable of reading and writing up to 14. / 10 GB / s. Both SSDs have a capacity of up to 8TB.

The new USB4 Elite SE920 external SSD from ADATA will also be released. This model has transfer rates up to 40 Gb / s and has a proprietary thermal cooling design with a built-in fan.

CES will be the right place to launch for the latest and most powerful power supply to date: XPG CYBERCORE, 80 Plus Platinum, Cybonetics Certified Power Supply, ready to take on the power-consumption performance of future processors and graphics cards. Its 1000W and 1300W configurations. Source includes premium XPG VENTO PRO fans built in collaboration with Nidec.

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XPG will for the first time present a prototype of the XPG BATTLECRUISER PRO, a super ATX tower chassis with a design that includes four-sided safety glass panels, software and a fan that can be customized with built-in light management control.

In addition to the components, the XPG LEVANTE PRO will also feature the AIO Liquid Cooler from the LEVANTE family. Equipped with an LCD screen that is fully customizable through the XPG PRIME software ecosystem, it comes with the latest ASETEK liquid cooling solution and XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fans.

The XPG booth will have the complete XPG family of gaming peripherals. Among them, XPG presents a series of ALPHA gaming mice with the latest ergonomic design and PIXART PAW3335 optical sensor. The XPG Prime Software Ecosystem is compatible with either the 2.4 GHz connectivity wireless version for gaming or a standard Bluetooth connection and wired version for everyday use.

The latest prototype, called XPG VAULT, allows visitors to view a wired USB-C mouse. The current prototype is capable of converting games into portable libraries with an SSD up to 1TB running at 985 MB / s and integrating gaming launcher software with high-level game integration with the XPG Prime software ecosystem.

The full range of XPG notebooks will be launched at booth CES 2022, including the award-winning 15.6-inch XPG XENIA 15 KC notebook. The device is the result of a design collaboration between XPG and Intel, equipped with an Intel Core i7 11800H processor and NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics.

The notebook is equipped with a liquid metal thermal interface solution, 1 TB XPG GAMMIX S70 PCIe Gen4 SSD and 32GB (2x16GB) high performance XPG DDR4-3200MHz memory.

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Other features on the stand include a 15.6-inch XPG XENIA Xe Ultrabook based on the Intel EVO platform standard, a lightweight XPG XENIA 14 Ultrabook, and a thin magnesium alloy chassis that weighs only 970 grams. These sizes.

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