Xperia Pro introduces the first “professional smartphone”. This is why it is considered as an luxury accessory

Xperia Pro introduces the first "professional smartphone".  This is why it is considered as an luxury accessory

Unlike models from Samsung or Microsoft, it does not have two screens and is not gold plated as the iPhones have been modified. Sony’s new phone uses Snapdragon 825, one of last year’s Android phones. It does not have a fingerprint sensor, but it does have 512GB of internal memory.

The special phone has an HDMI port that can be converted into a mini TV. The phone is designed to support DSLR cameras, for which it looks like a huge viewfinder. Basically, a luxury accessory. Sony says it’s a phone for content creators.

The Xperia Pro has a 360 degree antenna signaling system. It will be for the best 5G signal wherever you go. When connected to an alpha camera, content creators not only have more flexibility in what they can create, but also space where it can be distributed.

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