Xiaomi smartphones to have earthquake warning features in Indonesia


Jakarta, Gizmology – Xiaomi, a Chinese technology company, has partnered with the Chinese Institute of Care Life, Climate, Climate and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) to test the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) feature in Indonesia. With this feature, Xiaomi users will receive notifications in the event of an earthquake in the vicinity.

This will help the earthquake early warning system to play an important role in giving users time to save themselves. This feature will then alert users for up to a dozen seconds after an earthquake.

“Through this initiative, we hope to be able to assist Indonesian citizens through CSR activities as a socially responsible company,” Alvin Tse, Xiaomi leader in Indonesia, was quoted as saying in a press release on Friday (1/3/2022). ).

This earthquake warning feature is compatible with Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13. To activate this feature, a data connection is required on the smartphone.

Xiaomi Indonesia completed the beta testing phase for the devices that support it, before deciding to bring the feature to Indonesia. A modified mercury intensity (MMI) IV scale earthquake alert will be displayed on the smartphone using BMKG.

Early earthquake warning

Later, when there is an earthquake, the Xiaomi smartphone will sound a warning tone. Earthquake scale (magnitude), including display of the magnitude of the earthquake and the intensity of the earthquake on the smartphone screen.

Its function is to utilize the speed of electric waves faster than secondary waves. Once this feature is activated on a Xiaomi smartphone, when the monitoring agency detects an earthquake, they will synchronize the earthquake warning information to the Xiaomi server via a special channel.

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We welcome the continued implementation of the Pilot Earthquake Early Warning System for Shawmi smartphones. The evaluation will continue to gauge the success rate in Indonesia. We hope this feature will be useful to Indonesian citizens, “said Rahmat Tryono, Head of BMKG Engineering Seismology Center.

This trial took place before Xiaomi decided to bring this feature to Indonesia. EEW Technology has been developed since 2008 by the Institute of Care-Life in Chengdu, China.

In 2019, ICL and BMKG from Indonesia will jointly introduce this technology in Indonesia. The technology is being introduced in the hope that it will help more Indonesian users receive early warnings and prevent the loss of property and lives.

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