Xi Jinping promises peaceful “unification”

Le président chinois Xi Jinping pendant les commémorations du 110ème anniversaire de la Révolution.

“Those who betray the motherland and divide the country never end well,” Xi Jinping said in the direction of Taiwan separatists.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made the pledge on SaturdayReunification“Essential with Taiwan”Peaceful», The island has been reported in recent days Record military air strikes from Beijing.

The mighty man from Beijing was speaking at the commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the 1911 revolution that overthrew the last Chinese dynasty. The event, which marked Saturday in Communist China, will also be celebrated in Taiwan the next day, where Sun Yat-sen, China’s first president and interim president, is the father of the nation.

The island of Taiwan, which enjoys a democratic system of government, has been a force to be reckoned with since the Communists’ conquest of the continent in 1949. China considers this region to be one of its provinces. Independence on the island threatens to use force if there is a formal declaration of independence. “It is in the public interest of the Chinese nation to achieve the unification of the motherland through peaceful means, including the Companions in Taiwan.Xi Jinping with a portrait of Sean Yat-sen at the Great People’s Palace in Beijing.

Historic competition

Despite political and historical rivalries, Beijing and Taipei are still gaining legitimacy from the 1911 revolution. “The reunification of our country will be possible and will be achieved”, Xi Jinping assured, warning against any foreign interference. “The Taiwan question is purely a domestic Chinese affairHe was beaten when Washington admitted on Friday that it had been training the Taiwanese military wisely for months. No one should underestimate the determination of a strong vision […] Of the Chinese people to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity», An Averty Shi Jinping.

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The commemoration of the revolution is one of the few events that unites China and Taiwan. The leader of the island, Sai In-wen, and Beatty Noir of the Communist Liberation Tendency, give a speech on this occasion on Sunday. “Those who betray the motherland and divide the country never end well”Xi Jinping began to move in the direction of the Taiwanese separatists.

The celebrations of the events of 1911 are in the midst of tensions in the Straits of Taiwan, following the largest incursion into the island’s air defense identification area by Chinese military aircraft in recent days.

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