Xbox Boss comments on the possibility of releasing Halo Infinitely in multiple episodes

Xbox Boss comments on the possibility of releasing Halo Infinitely in multiple episodes

Hello Infinite, The Xbox Series X game that many expected to play when the new consoles launch next month, has no release date until 2021, sometime later. We know the game has a campaign and multiplayer mode, but they will be released at the same time or in different parts. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer recently addressed this issue and released Hello Infinite It is assumed to be “something to think about” in multiple parts Hello Infinite The team can find the right way to do it.

Spencer addressed the idea for the release Hello Infinite In an interview with Peacemeal style Basket It addresses the state of the game, the Bethesda acquisition and much more. When asked if there is ever a chance Hello Infinite The multiplayer will be released in pieces along with the campaign before or after, and the decision will ultimately be the head of the Halo franchise and the team working on the game.

“Bonnie [Ross, head of the Halo franchise] The team will lead those decisions, ”Spencer said. “But I think we want to make sure people have a halo experience. I think we can look at options like that. ”

“I think this is something to think about, but we want to make sure we do it right.”

So it looks like it will be released Hello Infinite It’s not something that’s out of the list yet in multiple parts, but it’s not something you can tell the team is definitely leaning. Has Hello Infinite Not launching with the Xbox Series X is a huge setback considering what the game was like when most people were looking for next-gen titles for the new Xbox, so certain parts of the game will surely please some buyers as soon as they get into the hands of consumers.

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The theme of releasing the game this way has been brought up before. Ross has previously said that releasing in pieces is an option but this style does not feel like the halo release the team wants.

Whether the game is released as a complete package or in different parts, Hello Infinite Players can know that the multiplayer part of the game is completely genetic.

Hello Infinite The Xbox Series X is coming to the Xbox One and PC platforms, but there is no release date.

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