Xavier Bertrand of Germany, Tokyo Olympics without spectators … 6 news you hear

Xavier Bertrand of Germany, Tokyo Olympics without spectators ... 6 news you hear

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1. Xavier Bertrand of Germany

Xavier Bertrand, president of the Huts-de-France region, is expected to meet in Aachen, Germany, on Friday morning, where he will meet with Armin Lacet, successor to CDU chief Angela Merkel. If he wins the September parliamentary elections, the leader of the Conservative Party will be able to remove the chancellor as head of the German government. Presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand intends to build an international standard, while his comrades from the Republicans are discussing advice on organizing a primary in 2022, while refraining from participating in it.

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2. Nightclubs reopen on Fridays … in theory

Photo deletion. (Reuters)

After 16 months of closure due to health crisis, nightclubs can reopen tomorrow subject to conditions. Users must present a health pass to register their presence through a digital reminder book. The mask is not mandatory and the gauges are limited. But the date is more symbolic than effective: 75% of clubs do not reopen before September. “We’re stuck in a vice with two jawbones,” laments Patrick Malvas, president of the National Union of Discotheques and Leisure Place (SNDLL). Clients who are small and poorly vaccinated, screening tests that are difficult to anticipate, need a health pass at the entrance to nightclubs, but not in bars and atmospheric restaurants. “We are not opposed, we assure the union president. But this is being imposed on our region, while some are doing the same job, without the same barriers.” To condemn this unequal behavior, the union will file an appeal before the Council of State this evening.
To learn more about the subject, it is here.

3. Airports: and three in ADP (Strikes)

Passengers will leave this weekend from orliyil reayisiyil doing more than the recommended landing at the airport in advance. From 4am on Friday to 7am on Sunday, a strike movement, the third, will disrupt access to the planes. Last week, demonstrations of protesters formed not only outside but also inside the terminals. Flights were delayed from 20 minutes in Orly to 2 hours in Royce. All ADP unions (CGT, CFE-CGC, UNSA, FO, CFDT) will be reunited this weekend. The new guidelines also refuse to accept the lowest wages panimutakkunnavarkk management formed at the beginning of the week. By the end of the day on Thursday, the delegates had not returned to management.

4. In G20, we must convince the recall

The G20 finance summit, which brings together the finance ministers of the 20 most powerful states in Venice tomorrow and Saturday, must recognize the revolution in taxation of large groups. It seems to have achieved the green light from the 19 richest countries in the world and the European Union: the general framework of reforms discussed on July 1, 2021, under the auspices of the Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD), has already been approved by all. ), Including China and India. However, discussions are continuing countries – Hungary, Ireland (multinational companies and their financial model is based on a provision of the most favorable tax), the tax rate for this moment to refuse to Estonia, the global minimum of the companies “, provided at least 15%” to accept the agreement. But their rally is inevitable for the European Union: a unity of twenty-seven is required to adopt the minimum tax under a European directive.

5. Tokyo Olympics: It will be behind closed doors

The Tokyo Olympics are not tomorrow, and very soon, they will be hollow. Afraid of what today is the Olympic Games, the minister confirmed that the effect tamayea: Welcome to the spectators, not the Japanese version of the July 23 to August 8. A decision regarding the revival of Kovid-19 in the Japanese capital (900 cases per day) came back to the health emergency from Monday, until August 22nd. International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach attended the crucial meeting in Tokyo. It was initially agreed that only Japanese audiences up to 50% of the site’s capacity would be allowed to attend a meeting that was postponed for a year. Many events unprecedented in Olympic history.

6. Cons: “Benedetta” revealed


Charlotte Rampling and Virginia Ephraim. (Guy Ferrantis)

The Cannes Film Festival in July was a promise of warmth. On Friday evening, the temperature will rise again with the presentation of Paul Verhoeven’s new film, Benedetta : The (original) story of a lesbian nun in Tuscany who was plagued by plague in the early seventeenth century. A Sunny Virgin Ephra, as she lives naked, plays the title role of a young woman who finds so much joy in her power പോലെ Like Verhoeven’s new Sharon stone, giving her a wink scene. Instinctive for the judge’s interview, the legs were crossed. We will pay attention to the reaction of the audience in the Grand Theater Lumiere, because the Dutch filmmaker is often divided. In JD (U), we are very divided (read below). The public will judge: The film is set to release in theaters this Friday.

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We are happy> The number of job seekers with disabilities is declining

In the first quarter of 2021 (reaching 473,785 people), the number of job seekers with disabilities fell by 1.5% compared to the first quarter of 2020, according to a July 5 press release issued by the Interim Committee on Disability. With Disabilities was 7.8% in 2020, tealilanvesakareyan represented, in 2019, to 8.6%. Today it follows employment platforms that support 3,835 people, and the Intermediate Material Committee for Disability aims to reach 10,000 people by 2022. People with disabilities represent 3.9% in the private sector and 5.83% in the public sector. In these two areas, according to the Labor Code, workers with disabilities must represent 6% of the total workforce (unless the company employs at least 20 agents).

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