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WWE SmackDown Own Results, Recap, Grades: Roman Regions Teams With Jay Usoi, New Women’s Challenger Rise

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As the Roman Regions prepare to defend their universal championship against Jay Usoy in the Clash of Champions, the Regions may have expected a steel standard attack on his cousin. Instead, SmackDown on Friday night saw a two-man squad to face Shiamus and King Corbyn – despite the absence of Raines for most of the match.

Raines, who had promised the night before that he would hand over to Uso to be expelled while the two were still children, left the tag team for most of the major events. Because of their loyalty to their family, Yuso still seemed ready to accept the monarchy, but before September 27, there was a clear tension between the two, with pay-per-view for each view, mostly a product of the monarchy, and someone who cared more about his current position stood by his side for a long time.

Read on for recaps and highlights of all night activities.

Roman Regions and Jay Uzo unite

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman entered the ring for a show-opening promo, and Heyman immediately addressed the fact that Reagan’s cousin Jay Uzo had topped the charts last week on SmackDown. After reaching the Uzo ring, Heyman confirmed last week that replacing the injured Big E with Yuso was Raine’s idea to determine Reagan’s challenge in the Clash of Champions in four deadly ways. As a child, the country promised Uso “good ass”, and Uzzo laughed before King Corbyn interrupted. Corbyn claimed that the whole situation was a set-up to take over an opponent who had become the champion’s cousin. Xiamas, who supported Corbyn’s theory, was the next to interrupt. Yuso ultimately threw down the gauntlet for the tag match, joining the Regions against Shiamus and Corbyn on the night.

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Jay Uso & Roman Regency Def. Shiamus & King Corbin via Pinfall After hitting a spear on the jewelry shiamus. The prince, who hanged Uso early on, was caught with two large browsers in two large one-off situations as he did not come out of the match. While Shiamus was about to hit a brog kick, Ree’s music became a hit and drew attention, allowing Uso to benefit from both before going for an Uzo splash at Shiamus. However, the jewels hit a blind tag and hit Shiams with a spear to steal the glory with the pin.

The heel race of the Roman monarchy is a great start through opportunistic methods. He won the universal championship in payback without lifting heavily in the competition and technically won the competition in the same way. Uso may have won the match on his own, but the Regions are now a heel, as well as a glorious pig. The tensions between jewelry and Uzo are more fun and different than the standard WWE Dynamic, so it’s hard to complain about it, even if the overall angle of the night isn’t exciting. Grade: B-

Bailey explains the attack on Sasha Banks and gets the new title challenge

Last week Sasha cut an in-ring promo carrying the chair she used to attack the banks, saying that she knew everyone needed an answer as to why the banks were attacked but that she had questions instead of answers. They asked if the banks thought it was a joke to not know what the partner was thinking. After approaching her for years, Bailey knew the banks were waiting to strike, but last week, she realized that Bailey was now completely useless to her.

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Nicky Cross Def. Tamina, Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss via Pinball After pinning Tamina with the sunset flip. Cross made her entry as Bailey left the ring to counter a brief attack from the SmackDown champion. The question of how Fiant’s time with Bliss affected her was a question that came up before the Bliss Cross hit the ring with Sister Abigail outside the ring. Anand left the match and walked backwards. Evans brought out Tamina with women’s rights before the cross came out. Cross then hit a sunset flip on Tamina to get the pinball and a title shot in the Clash of Champions.

Bailey’s promo was something anyone should expect. They attacked the banks before they attacked them, and saw no value in their friendship because it was not to their advantage. The happy moment was a powerful move in the context of a story that has been evolving over the past month. We saw Cross Challenge Bailey twice for the SmackDown title in July, including the Extreme Rules. Running to the WWE pattern ground is exhausting at this point, and the cross is a little more than a Challenger of the month. Plus, the match itself was memorable. Grade: C +

What else happened at WWE SmackDown?

  • Intercontinental Championship – AJ Styles Def. By Jeff Hardy (c) disqualification. Before the match, Sami Sain was prevented from claiming to be back Okay The Intercontinental Champion tried to put on the “record” that the match was not a title match, but was accompanied by Adam Pierce and WWE Security. After some strong action back and forth, Sean pulled styles from the ring apron for disqualification before running to hit a hello kick on Hardy. Hardy stumbles upon what he later said was “dehydration,” before interviewing Styles in the back and saying he could beat both of them, as a confrontation seems to be approaching the Champions Three-Way.

  • Lucha House Party Def. Cesaro & Shinzuke Nakamura via backfall When Callisto pinned Cicero with a roll-up. Cicero and Nakamura got into an argument with The Street Profit before the match, and then diverted attention when they were shown raw tag champs on a tron ​​with a small party at the “Champions Lounge”. The negligence allowed Callisto to steal the pin.

  • Otis Def. John Morrison by pinball After hitting the caterpillar. During the match, Miss Otis’ money was stolen from a bank lunchbox, and it appears that he did what Morrison did not do when he stole his briefcase last week, only to find out that Otis kept the title match contract in the lunchbox. Otis later revealed that Miss had stolen it a Lunchbox, but no The Lunchbox, revealing the deal was still in his briefcase.

  • Bray Wyatt introduces a new friend to Firefly FunHy. Surprisingly, my friend Alexa Blisella was Pascual the Persevering Kili. Pascual did not pop out of the box that Watt was trying to reveal, and after “technical difficulties”, Wyatt said some holes in the box had to be cut and the parrot died. Vince McMahon has revealed a new “special advisor” to Wohley Walrus Fun House, a puppet play about puppet Paul Hayman, who said that the mouth could not handle the responsibilities of the Fun House.

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