WWE Planet # 967 – Better without it

WWE Planet # 967 - Better without it

Twisting a famous proverb, WWE Week went to the archives and showed that sometimes, if you do bad enough, you can go to Rome and gladly choose not to see the Pope.

Of course, not doing so would mean losing sight of San Pietro and its surroundings, but that does not mean the capital has no other attractions. But back to the meaning of this proverb: usually a sin (Pan intended), a waste of repentance, a person who knows how much he wanted this week but certainly effective move. Roy and SmackDown did not enjoy their best episodes, on the contrary, the Red Show was subdued at times and the two-turn heels suggested in the evenings were able to leave a lot of bitterness in the mouth. By Damien Priest, who, after completing a reign as a U.S. champion, did not even bother to turn a heel, reminiscent of the crazy but constantly narrated story of bipolarism; Plus, it turns out against any opponent, bringing out the most classic promo of “It was you, folks”. No one has bothered to formulate a path leading to this sudden change of attitude. But if we want to talk about things that happen suddenly for no reason, let’s go to the other turn heel of the evening, Edge. The story is very simple and you can easily try to tell it even to those who do not follow wrestling, at least let’s see if that person understands it. Character 1 is a good man, a sports legend who has returned from a major injury after 10 years and wants to face the best and prove that he can stay in this position. Avoiding a cowardly and wicked rival, and being threatened by a villain with his respective wives, Character 1 spends a month. Character 1 says he wants an opponent. Character 2, which has recently become better, appears and accepts the challenge. Character 1 agrees, but he does not want the worst version of P2, he wants the worst. Being good, P1 does not just ask P2, and then believes that P2 will actually give him the best he can: he decides to kick his ass and hit his head on the chair. Behavior that is not at all contradictory to what was done 3 minutes ago is perfectly linear in terms of motivation.

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In short, an SD responded a little better to a normal RO. Merit does not lie in value, as there is still some entanglement between New Day and the Irish to the extent of the ATV-like ridicule it has never possessed before. It doesn’t even make sense, because Sonya Devil is accidentally – in the truest sense of the word – the person opposite Rhonda Rousseau. But we are all happy that the betrayal with Naomi is over, to be honest. You mentioned them in Drew McIntyre and the embarrassing parts of Corbyn, and not me. However, there is a good starting point, at least on a qualitative level: above all, the match for the couple’s names (of course, probably only a few). When that challenge is quickly overcome, “Elsewhere” will be material from an ultra-main event and a dream match, rather than just a way to make room for this moment’s celebrity in WWE (tears allowed). In short, the FOX show, as usual, benefited from hurting fans for a short period of time, compared to Roy. But SD itself gives us some ideas: Like Rowe, more than Rowe, the storylines brought forward this week. True, many are coming out of nowhere, others are dubious, and some are of relative interest, as we have already said. But they are narrative contexts, and after all they do not include two titles and their incomprehensible integration. This is new: a month after the event, for the first time on the road to WM, a place other than Roman Reines and Brock Lesnor. Clearly calm, in white code compared to the two of them, but in the end we deal with it vaguely. But something to say is that the shows were at least enough, with a few interruptions, probably not included in Star Power (I despise myself), but definitely better than recent priorities.

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Also, when returning to Pope and Rome, isn’t it ironic to enjoy everything in the absence of the main attraction? This is because the most important data from WWE 5 Hour programming is that Lesiner did not appear and Raines did it within minutes of his entry lasting (and with a standard flat promo that no one had ever heard of). Without them, in short, everything would not have gone well, but there would have been very little idle time and, above all, space for everyone. Space to build a WM that revolves around them. Paradoxically as if he did not want to go to Rome and see the Pope for any reason.

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