Wrong strategy to solve any percentage calculation in a few seconds

Wrong strategy to solve any percentage calculation in a few seconds

We live in a technological age, and it is practically impossible not to see a subject that haunts many, even in dreams: mathematics. Going to buy, working on mobile devices … Every aspect of our lives will require some kind of mathematical calculation. What’s more, if you were one of those people who hated math with all your might during your student days, for example, you would get indescribable inner anger whenever you wanted to quickly calculate the amount of a discount for an offer.

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Fortunately for the incompetent, a math teacher may have a simple solution. Tanya Sakovich teaches in Singapore, and she wanted to share a very easy strategy to calculate the percentage of any percentage in a few seconds.

Basically, it’s like this: 16% out of 50 For example, Tanya advises that the numbers should be inverted. So 50% of 16 would be 8, which is randomly 16% of 50.


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If you check, you will see that it works in any example: 60% out of 20? 12; 20% out of 60.


Just 24 seconds of video that stunned trick viral Tick Tock users with over 16 million views. His Account, With over a million followers, contains a lot of videos with incredible tactics like this.

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