Would you fall for 10GB of salt for 100 francs?

Would you fall for 10GB of salt for 100 francs?
 Keep roaming without option or dedicated card ....
Beware of roaming without options or dedicated card.

Salt recently uploaded its new overseas data packages. For example, if you find a 2GB package valid for 29.95 francs for 30 days, then there is a 10GB package for about 100 francs, valid for one year. What to think about these new roaming formulas?

In the general context of declining roaming prices, these new possibilities Available at this address Not as exciting as elsewhere Recently released American Sunrise UPC. Describes the salt condition This is on another page, For amateurs.

For information, According to this page, Swisscom offers its data packages with a validity of 12 months. At home, 10GB costs only 89.90 francs… Again, Sunrise UPC and Salt are not the most interesting roaming yet

The Go for ten francs

To see that the glass is half full, we can say that 10GB of salt is put in 100 francs in Europe and America, and Go is put in ten francs. To think that you can buy at a time19.90 francs unlimited for 30 days… But is it still necessary?

Salt Data Pack le 10 juillet 2021.
Salt Data Pack from July 10, 2021.

Given the complexity of administrative procedures and especially the current ambiguity of going abroad, Even in France, We tell ourselves that all roaming expenses can be completely avoided by spending a beautiful holiday in Switzerland. Probably good for the environment and the planet.

What is the negative impact of Kovid on roaming?

It is also surprising that Kovid is not adversely affected by roaming prices. Many shortcomings for operators, sometimes leading to different solutions.

In any case, one may wonder about the need to take up air travel or travel thousands of kilometers by car in the event of a weather emergency, in which case there is a lot of pollution and all the energy combined … Take the train, this emp infographic indicates …

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The Confederation aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 1.5 tonnes per year by 2050. Graphics: MP.
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