World’s tallest woman flies for first time on 13-hour flight

World's tallest woman flies for first time on 13-hour flight

The record for the tallest woman in the world is held by Rumesa Gelsi, who achieved her dream of flying for the first time, on a still very long route.


At 2 meters and 15 centimeters, Rumeza Gelsi is the current world record holder for the tallest woman, so she had to travel from her home in Turkey to the USA, where she will participate in an event at the Guinness Book of World Records. World records. She has what is called Weaver syndrome, which causes the person to grow rapidly and normally.

She can walk some of the time with the help of a walker, but is mostly in a wheelchair. To go from Istanbul to San Francisco, they had the help of Turkish Airlines, which received a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on the route between the two cities.

The standard internal configuration has 9 seats per row in economy, divided into 3 blocks of 3 seats each. However, in the last 3 rows, because the fuselage ends are flattened, there are 7 seats, and the windows are a block of 2 seats. At these windows they prepared a bed for Rumesa.

The backrests of the seats were fully reclined forward and laid with various supports, including a small table above the bed, so she could enjoy the in-flight service.

“It was my first flight, but it certainly won’t be my last. From now on, I am very honored and happy to fly to different parts of the world with Turkish Airlines. I extend my warm heart and gratitude to each and every person who helped me in this journey which took 19 hours in total, thank you very much.”The record holder said on his Instagram page.

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