World Heritage: Three checkpoints on UNESCO list

World Heritage: Three checkpoints on UNESCO list

There are eleven people together under the banner “Great Spas in Europe”. There are three German names in the three Czech Spots – Bad Ims, Baden-Baden, Bad Kissingen -, an Austrian – Baden Bee Wein -, an Italian – Montecatini Terme -, a Belgian – Spa -, a Northern – Ireland – Bath – a French – Vichy.

Karlovy Vary |  Photo: Kristana Makova, Radio Prague Inter.

The UNESCO Heritage Committee, meeting in China this weekend, recognized the universal value of these cities, albeit differently. Witness the international European spa culture that developed from the early eighteenth century to the 1930s, leading to the emergence of major international resorts such as the Kurhouse, Kursal (buildings and rooms reserved for healing), pumping rooms, spring halls, colonnades and galleries with nature galleries. It is also designed for use in baths and healing. “

For Karlovy Vary Mayor Andrea Pfeifer Ferklova, this inscription on the glorious list rewards years of efforts in this direction:

“Seven European countries and eleven water tones: It took time to nominate, because it’s not easy to come to an agreement when our cities are so different. We agreed to the terms that allowed us to go there together. We are very happy to be included in this list now. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project which has taken over ten years. There is work to be done, but now that we are going to celebrate a little, we are waiting for it. “

There was also a party in France near Vichy. The mayor of the city is Frederick Aguilera:

“It is good news that we have welcomed the residents and the implementers of this project with great joy and satisfaction. “

Vichy |  Photo: Wacock, Wikimedia Commons, CCBYY-SA3.0

We have worked closely with all the other cities, including the three Czechs, which will continue to have very strong upstream cooperation. “

“In general, we would like to say that there is a growth of 20 to 50% in tourism depending on the site, considering the studies of the sites already classified. There are repercussions of the notoriety of financial attractiveness. But the fall is not automatic. We need to work together between our eleven cities to make sure there are spinoffs. If we do nothing, there will be no fall. “

Adrian Andorf works in the spa mayor’s office in Valonia:

Spa |  Photo: Alf Van Beam, Wikimedia Commons, CC 0 1.0

“This is news we have been waiting for for 14 years, but we welcomed the good news with calm and restraint because of the recent floods in the area,” he said. So we moved the festivals to September. “

“Cooperation with the Czech cities was very easy. We quickly realized that a combined application is more convincing and logical. On a personal level, Spa Sophie Deletre Mayor Karlovy Vary exchanged a lot of jokes with Mayor Andrea Pfeifferklovka. “

Several other sites entered the UNESCO list this weekend, including the C‌rdoba lighthouse in France. On the other hand, the World Heritage Committee, currently chaired by China, decided to downgrade the city of Liverpool because of its port development.

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FRANTISKOVY LASSNE Photo: Clara Stageskalova, Radio Prague Inter.

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