World Cup Qualifying: Switzerland beat Northern Ireland 2-0

World Cup Qualifying: Switzerland beat Northern Ireland 2-0

Alain Kunz and Max Kern (text), Toto Marty (photos)

The Stade de Geneva Festival hut is about to explode. At 10:38 pm, the victory over the Northern Irish football defenders was finally a fact. Seferovic, who had previously given up 100 percent of his chances every minute in front of goalkeeper Peacock-Farrell, is playing steeply in substitute Embolo Fassnach. The Joker of Master YB was shot 2-0. That is a much needed success! Switzerland have 11 points from five World Cup qualifiers. In terms of loss points, they are on par with European champions Italy. Only if there was no goal difference.

Shortly before the end: Here Fassnach makes everything clear against the Northern Irish(00:17)

Half one: Heart attack applicants have none. VAR teases fans three times before the break. On the other hand, Northern Irish are real looters! First, the British are confined to a chain of five. Second, they become European champions in the Time Game. It’s not hard to fail when it comes to sportsmanship non-magical behavior.

It starts out as coach Murat Yak’s team wants. The first opening goal everyone expected. Already in the fourth minute. From the defense with a long ball in the right-back Embabu, LVD slips straight into the center towards Geneva, with Stephen slipping first in the 16th and then firing at Davis. The ball lands on Zachariah. He goes. He is inside. Only: Referee Vince was interrupted by VAR. He also sees Mbabu in an offside position.

Bad luck against Northern Ireland: Zachariah’s goal was denied because he was offside(00:19)

Soon after. Embabu Shakiri tries to tunnel the steep, captain goalie Peacock-Farrell. Not working. The Northern Irish continue to play beyond their time. With every tea shot, every throw.

Suber puts Shaq back on the bench after he hit Brown’s arm in the penalty area! Penalty kick? Again it says no VAR. That’s it.

Then things get very colorful for the referee: Davis, who was warned in the 23rd minute, needed 15 (!) Seconds to throw in. Yellow! And red! Cement mixers are only ten.

Northern Irish Crazy Time Game: Because of this action, Lewis sees yellow-red(00:32)

At stoppage time, the Swiss could finally resist. Embolo gets caught at first, but the ball bounces back. Suberovic’s replacement, Suber, is playing steeply. Help King of EM Networks! VAR turns on, but gives hit. The first goal of the World Cup qualifier after 313 (!) Minutes. Shakiri last scored in a 1-0 win over Lithuania at the end of March. Yak’s mother Emin (86) also likes it on the stand. After the change, the national team increased the pressure. Embolos blocked the shot, and moments later Gladbachter shot the goalie from three meters.

However, the La-Ola wave rises through the stadium. 19,129 fans like this. Embabu from Geneva fails in a long range shot. And Stephen. The national team dominates. But the ball returned to the net only at the appointed time. 2-0 by Christian Fassnach. 28. Conclusion, Second Gate. Shakiri: “It was a great achievement. We can only be blamed for not evaluating opportunities.

Yakin opposes provocations: “If anyone deserves a red, it will be an assistant coach.”(00:50)

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