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It was not fear, it was reality. Four years after the lost World Cup tragedy, TheItaly went astray Belfast night again. Another draw – 0-0 against Sweden in Milan in 2017 – has left the national team in a state of panic again. That’s the direct route to Qatar Swiss, Beat Bulgaria 4-0 on the final day, beating Assyria. Mancini’s national team still has another play – off chance, and this time it’s not a direct match round trip, but a four – way tournament with decent opponents: Sweden Again, this time with Ibrahimovic Portugalmay be Norway Holland’s, maybe there‘when. In short, a very tough European mini.

Mancini, frustrated by the goalless draw at Windsor Park, can be expected to find what he lost on the streets in March from the real Europe, winning to date: players (Spinasola, Chillini, Verratti, immobile) and the game. Against the wall of Northern Ireland, four qualifiers, with no goals scored, the expected difficulties actually increased under the multiplicity of blue ideas emptiness. The game was blocked, slow, a few chances in the first half, with little or nothing in the second half, and even beat with Ireland in the final. For the decisive match, Mancini chose two changes he had planned: Tonley Locatelle was replaced by Berardi Bellotti, who took his place on the right side of the attacking line instead of sitting on the bench, leaving the midfield to the incinerator. Barracklow, for his part, confirmed yesterday’s attack announcements as more of a tactic than a tactic, fielded 4-1-4-1, with Captain Davis’ retreat always turning 5-3 on defense. – 1-1, Magennis the only striker with White. But when the game was won by Italy, ten green jerseys behind the ball: in short, an old-fashioned bolt.

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However, Ireland’s start is strong: high balls, tough play in midfield, the Blues’ best dribble seems to suffocate. A throw by Bonucci for Berardi beyond the Irish defense, on the 5th, and above all, de Lorenzo’s change of pace, caught only in the area, at 8, Italy’s first flashes: fullback, goalkeeper peacock good – to raise a cross-shot under the crossbar. This is the first danger created, but the Deep Throw’s insistence goes against Mancini’s intentions, telling of the blue difficulty in getting the ball to the ground in a dangerous place. Barella tries from the outside, 15 ‘, the shot is weak and center. A slight effect on the right turn trying on Insane 27 ‘in a corner scheme, and then Chisa appears, up to a fugitive half hour. The golden opportunity came, and it was none other than Ireland’s fault: in the 37th minute, Berardi’s stolen ball turned into an insane assist, he guessed the first serve in the area but the second was forced. Weak shot into goalkeeper’s hands. Instead of opening up in the insignia, just as Berardi launched the cheese a moment late and fell into the trap of the offside, a few moments later the wrong choices provoked Mancini. The first half ended goalless, as in Lucerne Switzerland-Bulgaria: the only good news of the first half. But it will not last long.

Returning to the field, the pace of change testifies to the urgency of the change: Kristen takes charge from Tonley, warned, and therefore risky, but above all the game is unfamiliar to the most intense. They crossed 3, and Bonucci’s insignia had a good ball from the edge, but the wide shot was wasted. In the ensuing action, at the same time as Switzerland’s lead against Bulgaria, Donarumma saves Saville’s first save and saves Italy. News of the Swiss doubling comes from Lucerne, where at the end of the hour Manzini accelerates the changes, and Cheese is wasting the best opportunity within the area. Bellotti enters for Bareilly, this is Italy attacking everyone: 4-2-3-1 for the first time. Bernardeski for Insine and Locatelli for Jorgeinho try to innovate, but the game is blocked and Italy do not get more than a few corners in the series. Blue frustration is directly proportional to inactivity. The card of despair was slammed in the final minutes, while the Swiss counter-attack extended to 4-0 at his home in Winsor Park Dallas, close to Washington Bang on Donarumma’s exit. Anyway, Italy has already surrendered: there is a new nightmare in the head, the play-off.

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