Workers are discriminated against on account of liability. Draghi does not withdraw money from no-wax with citizenship income for fear of M5s – Il Tempo

Workers are discriminated against on account of liability.  Draghi does not withdraw money from no-wax with citizenship income for fear of M5s - Il Tempo
Franco Bechis

For the fifth time in a month, Mario Draghi’s government has again amended its anti – Kovid laws. He did so last night at the Council of Tensions Ministers, which had to mediate until the end in the laws to be enacted. Finally, 27,329,267 Italians over the age of 50 were unanimously approved for vaccination. Everyone must be vaccinated by February 15, the next day the health service allows it (not everyone who needs it is guaranteed to have the vaccine). From that date onwards, an employee who is employed and who has not been vaccinated will lose his or her salary until he or she is vaccinated, or until June 15, when the unemployed will no longer receive the subsidies they are entitled to (NASP, citizenship income, etc.). However, as all 50-year-olds are liable, there will be an administrative fine of 600 to 1,500 euros for those who work, live on subsidies and do not get vaccinated from February 15. In terms of repetition it can increase from time to time.

Other rules introduced extend the obligation of all users of public and personal services with a basic green pass (even a temporary negative swab): so go to the bank or post office or any public office. Also go to a hairdresser or beautician. News for School: All children in nursery schools and kindergartens are at home with a single positive in structure. A positive tampon is mandatory for everyone in elementary school, but school attendance remains high. With two or more positives, you go to Dad for 10 days. Finally, in middle school and high school, everyone (except the sick) goes to the classroom with the obligation of an FFP2 mask when it comes to positivity. If there are two positives in the classroom, by contrast, only those who have not been vaccinated and who have taken two doses for more than 120 days go on to distance learning. Everyone else is present and stays in the classroom. If the cases rise to three, all are in distance study for 10 days. Rules so far. Now the confusion. We are divided on the liability of vaccinations over the age of 50 among the political world and experts. For example, the fate of a virologist like Andrea Crisanti, who is not of “good character”, is very harsh: “We are improving,” he said, adding that “the obligation of those over the age of 50 cannot be imposed without knowingly reconsidering their obligation. It oppresses everyone, even people who don’t need it. This is real madness. ”But there are other doubts about the government’s choice.

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Within a month, we mentioned five steps: one decree on November 24, one on December 15, one on December 23, and one on December 29, just before yesterday’s January 5. Each order changes the rules passed a few days ago, and the recipe for dealing with the epidemic is not in the hands of a government in hand. As is clear, no one on the command deck needs to be sure if they know what to do in the event of an outbreak. In fact it goes through a lot of confusing trolling, which unfortunately does not apply on a large scale. Take a look at the newly started school rules. It is impossible to ensure that teaching is partially distant and simultaneously present in the same class, so it is utterly useless to impose it by order. Even Giuseppe Conte, whom we did not criticize during the Pandemic government, financed the expansion, even when he predicted that children (as happens in nurseries and kindergartens) would have to stay at home. Parental leave .. Yes, because, perhaps, how can parents keep them at home when they have to work in the presence? But from the multiplicity of these orders there seems to be no real life. Finally, the decree described the stress in hospitals as a barrier, which Vulgate says could be caused by those who have not been vaccinated. That’s not right here. At the same time, if the liability starts on February 15, until then the pressure will be the same as it is today, considering the growth of infections. Secondly, I provide all the relevant information about 30 days from the latest report of the Higher Institute of Health dated December 28th. In all, 14,023 Italians ended up in hospital. Of these, 7,192 (51.3%) were vaccinated. 6,831 (48.7%) were not vaccinated. Of the 14,023 people in the intensive care unit, 1,379 were cured, of which 64.33% were unvaccinated and 35.67% were vaccinated. The total number of deaths last month was 1,998, of which 1,159 were vaccinated (58%) and 839 (42%) were non-vaccinated. These are the numbers.

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