Words and music with Castell‌novo, Not Al Lenna

Castelnuovo, parole e musica con Note al Lennon

Music returns to take over Lennon Park in Castell‌novo, the new natural theater for concerts and live meetings. According to the “Not Al Lenin” review organized by the Castell‌nou Municipality, every Tuesday and Thursday in June and July, two months of live evenings await the park named after the former Beatles. Rangoon.

“Between the notes and the words presented by John Lennon at the first park in Europe, a full-body event for a real music festival – in the opinion of Cultural Councilor Sophia Baldasini.” An invitation to rediscover the history of rock music, the living art of beat, pop rock, Italian lyric writing, and Celtic popular music. A summer that brings our parks and squares back to life with culture and live entertainment as places to do and be a community. “

Lennon’s Summer Opening on Tuesday, June 8 will be one of the most popular Beatles’ tribute bands, “The Menlow”, featuring four of Liverpool’s famous songs, some B-s, other unknown songs, and the “Il Flauto Magico” association for the “School of Rock” event on Thursday, June 10. . On Tuesday, June 15, Franco de Aniello, co – founder of the Modena City Ramblers, will be the guest of honor at the exhibition, presenting the book “We Are Reaching the Destination” in a conversation with Councilor Stefano Solignani. He discovers thirty years of adventure and music with the famous Emilian folk rock group. On Thursday, the 17th, Irish Fields will present the “Harmonally” review on the show “Last Night in Doolin”, with stories about a trip to Ireland with traditional Irish music and original compositions.

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Max Stephanie, Famous Music Critic and Founder of Il Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine, will be the lead on Tuesday evening, June 22, adorned with musical interventions by Seko Signa; On Thursday 24th June “Sea Murators” and on Tuesday 29th June Ferruccio Quercetti and Oderzo Rubini will present their book “Bologna 1980”. Conflict concert of the year that changed Italy.

On Thursday, July 1, Reggiano singer and lyricist Giancarlo Frigery will release his new record “Sant Elena” during the lockdown, and on Tuesday, July 6, Frigary will listen to the musical instruments of the presentation. Federico Piva’s book “Prima Personal Singular – Twelve Moments of Music and Sports History Seen Through the Eyes of Heroes”.

On July 8, musicians and patrons will alternate between live performances of a jam session at Lennon Park, and on Tuesday the 13th, Stefano Gillardino will present his book, Antistatic Shock, with the intricacies of the historian of rats, Wilco. Beat on Thursday, July 15, “Keep Out” for underground music, and on July 20, “The Cage”, Tribute Band from Genesis. The final meeting of the review is on Saturday, July 24, with a concert by Perseca, Leitret and Shijo X for the Limony Indie Fest.

Free and free admission will begin at 9 pm every evening, and the exhibition will be open to the public in accordance with anti-Kovid rules and must be equipped with a mask.

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