Women’s World Cup Qualification: A Journey with a Social Mission – Sports

Women's World Cup Qualification: A Journey with a Social Mission - Sports

For the German women’s national team, the trip to Israel began two days before departure. The group listened to a lecture on getting to know the language, geography, culture and, of course, the history of the country. It already shows that Wednesday morning was a special journey that officially started officially from Dസെsseldorf Airport. Germany and Israel meet for the first time in a women’s international match. It should not just be about collecting points to qualify for the 2023 World Cup.

The match will take place on Thursday (6pm, sportschau.de) at the Hamoshawa Stadium in Petach Tikwa, near Tel Aviv. On Friday it goes to Jerusalem, where Yad Washem will visit part of the team with national coach Martina Vos-Teklenberg and other team members. The lecture also spoke about the Holocaust Memorial, which opened in 1953 in Hersberg, West Jerusalem. Surrounded by trees, the elongated triangular museum building stands out, but what is particularly remarkable can be seen underground: books, costumes, photos, stories of millions of victims of national socialism, and their stories honored here. These impressions will probably last a long time among German national players.

When France Beckenbauer traveled to Israel with the German national team for the first four internationals in 1987, Lothar Mathews said after Yad Washem’s visit, “It’s good that everyone came with us. It was a great persecution for all of us.” After that, there were juniors and representatives of the German Football Association (DFB) – hence now the DFB women. This is a major concern for Vos-Teklenberg, whose return trip is scheduled for Saturday.

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Goalkeepers Almut Schultz and Giulia Gwyn returned after a long break

“We want to take into account our social and social mission,” Vos-Teklenberg said before leaving. “For us Germans, this is a special place. Get in touch with the Holocaust, and mainly experience what we know from history books and movies: this can be said from my own experience.” Developing mutual understanding is an added value of such a journey. However, due to the Kovid-19 hygiene restrictions, the group will be small. Maybe five players will call. It will depend on who he is and the time he plays, the 53-year-old said.

The World Cup qualifier against the German team has not yet been lost: national coach Martina Vos-Teklenberg.

(Photo: Daniela Porcelli / Sports Press Photo / Imago)

Without key forces such as striker Alexandra Pope (VFL Wolfsburg) and defense chief Marina Heggering (FC Bayern), Vos-Telenberg still has two players to return to after a long break: goalkeeper Almut Schultz and Giulia Gwynn. The first was on the pitch for the DFB on June 29, 2019, when they lost in the World Cup quarter-finals against Sweden. Schultz, who suffered a shoulder injury, gave birth to twins. She has now returned to Wolfsburg’s Bundesliga squad – Merle Fromms (Eintracht Frankfurt) has now risen to number one but wants to be part of the national team again. Laura Bencart (Bayern) and currently injured An-Katrin Berger (Chelsea FC) are two other potential goalkeepers for EM 2022.

For Gwinn, this is the first nomination since the 22-year-old tore his right cross ligament in the European Championship qualifier against Ireland on September 19, 2020. In August, she returned to Bayern, now in the national jersey, and 397 days later it will be her first DFB appearance. “I can’t expect much from myself. I haven’t had a ball in my leg in a long time. There have been a lot of changes on the team,” Gwin said. “But I think I’m on the right track.”

DFB women showed weakness against Bulgaria and Serbia

They both join a team that, based on the results, got off to a great start in qualifying for the World Cup. In September, a 7-0 win over Bulgaria and a 5-1 win over Serbia. With six points, Germany leads Group H, ahead of Portugal, Turkey, Serbia, Israel and Bulgaria. A two-time world champion and an eight-time European champion, the game still needs to be improved. In both games, the team was initially insecure and nervous. The game ahead lacked accuracy, calmness and structure, and only then did the team find their rhythm.

The next opponent, unknown to her football players – is also a Bundesliga player from Sharon Beck. 1. FC Colne – The national coach describes the fight as physical and strong: for a long time, it hurts because they fight, we have to get energy out of them. “The credit for the premiere and second quarter next Tuesday at Essen (4 pm, ARD) is this: Play easily and quickly with plenty of dynamics and high risk of goals. After all, the match cannot be completely ignored.

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