Women’s Rugby League, Italy to Ireland

Women's Rugby League, Italy to Ireland

On the first day of the 2022 European Championship, the Women’s Italian League surrenders to Ireland: the Irish clearly overtake in the Passion de Proto de Azure; 6-30 Final result. The Italian league pays for the excellent Irish structure and the excellent fitness of the guest rugby players. The Azure try to play their part, but all attacking views are effectively nurtured by the Irish League defense. Italy’s second half is clearly different, with the partial 6-6 being very positive. The first step of the movement has been taken and now we need to strive for better preparation for the next match against Wales. It will be played on Saturday the 18th.

“It was not an easy match – Alberto Zuin, Italy’s head coach, Alberto Zuin – but I have to expect more from these girls because they have so much quality and I want to see them dominate the opponents from the next match against them. , But we need to start from here soon.

“The girls gave it their all and are sorry for the loss, but do not have time to regret it – FIRL Vice President Paulo Iolo underscores – this is a strong group, and as a federation we want to build a long series of successes. I’m sure we’re coming. , I.e. Wales “.

“Respect for Ireland, and for those of us who have resumed after this long break – Italian league captain Virginia Pinarello – we have to work hard.

Italia League:
1 Rebecca Pants
2 Hasinan Rawan
3 Coloneli Giulia
4 Arzenton Giada
5 Giacomazzo Camilla Matilde
6 Menotti Alasandra
7 pva Cecilia
8 Azion Marika
9 From Antonia Martina
10 Bettolati Rosa
11 Raisa Syria
12 Altea Force
13 Pinarello Virginia c
14 Severgnin Marvin
15 iozzia Giulia
16 Orofino Elisa
17 Pantolfo Enrica
Italy Scorers: Goal Menotti Tri Pantalioni

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