Woman tries to withdraw money and finds a billion US dollar balance in a bank account – the world

Woman tries to withdraw money and finds a billion US dollar balance in a bank account - the world

Resident of the state Florida, In the United States, was surprised when at least one tried to withdraw Cash machine Last Sunday (20). When asked for $ 20, the equivalent of $ 100, she was informed that she had about $ 1 billion in her personal account.

Julia Yonkowski, a resident of Largo, found her bank balance on the receipt issued by the cashier. US $ 999,985,855.94. However, she revealed that she did not know where the money would come from.

“Oh my God, I was Panicked. I know most people think they have won the lottery, but I’m panicked, ”the old woman told the WFLA, an American portal.

Julia revealed that she was scared when she removed the bank statement from the ATM

Playback / WFLA

Following a heart attack, Julia contacted representatives of Chase Bank, the company that maintains her bank account. However, he could not be reached for comment Telephone service.

Small withdrawal

Yongkowski said he was disappointed with the contact’s decision and decided not to look at the account again. Origin Of money.

“When I tried to withdraw $ 20, the machine told me I would get an overdraft and charge a fee for it, so I thought, ‘No, forget it.’

Julia Yonkowski

Florida residents

She also said the bill was shared with her husband He died Recently. “I’ve read stories of people buying money and having to pay it back. It scares me because I’re afraid of threats from the internet.”

Bank response

Although less contact over the weekend, the Chase Bank The position was given to the New York Post this Tuesday (22).

According to the bank’s spokeswoman Amy Bonitatibus, the amount shown to the elderly woman was not a real balance, but a Negative value The bank uses it to draw Julia’s attention to an account problem.

“I contacted Mrs. Yonkowski yesterday to clarify our local branch and group customer service. Incompatibility“, Assured the representative to publish the post.

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