Woman steals more than $ 20,000 from company social club and company credit card for luxury vacations and shopping trips

Woman steals more than $ 20,000 from company social club and company credit card for luxury vacations and shopping trips

A Dublin court has heard that a woman who stole more than $ 20,000 from a company social club and company credit card spent money on luxury vacations and shopping trips.

Nicola Henry, 32, was secretary of the Johnson & Johnson Social Club when she forged 37 checks signed by colleagues.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court ruled that they received a total of $ 17,326 from the 27 checks, which were spent on luxury vacations to Australia, Sri Lanka and Dubai, as well as restaurants, shopping trips and beauty treatments. The other 10 checks jumped because there was not enough money in the account.

Henry, the office manager of the Tallat-based company, was suspended when the theft occurred. They tried to spend another $ 3,233 using the company’s credit card, Detective Guard Kevin Bowen told the court.

Defendant’s attorney said that after the indictment, Henry “buried her head in the cell” did not appear in court and was issued an arrest warrant. He was arrested last month and released into custody.

Between April 2014 and September 2015, Henry of Caronegie pleaded guilty to three counts of theft and two counts of attempted robbery from the Johnson & Johnson Social Club and Company. They pleaded guilty to two counts of making the wrong device. Between those dates.

A further 65 cases related to the chargesheet were taken into account. Henry has no previous convictions. The sentence is in March next year.

Detective Jida Bowen told prosecutor Gerardine Small BL that Henry joined the company in 2011 as an accountant’s assistant and held several different roles in the company, including an office manager. She joined the Company Social Club in 2012 and became its secretary.

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The court heard that employees who are members of the social club pay a sum for social gatherings from their salary every month, and the company regularly raises funds.

Although Henry was on the club committee and had a check book, he was not authorized to sign checks for the club. As a result, she forged the signatures of two of her colleagues who were authorized to do so, and she cashed the checks herself.

Ten of the 37 checks – valued at $ 35,340 – jumped because there was not enough money in the account. Henry’s guilt came to light in August 2015 when he contacted the bank’s company controller about the bounced checks.

She was immediately suspended and her company credit card blocked. However, in November of that year, the company noticed that more money had been spent on the blocked card.

The court said the bank had contacted Henry about the blocking of the card and that they had authorized them to change the block before the company could continue to spend the money.

Det Jida Bowen said Henry never spent any money “on daily expenses.” “These were all luxury items,” he said.

Along with the holidays, the court heard that Henry had spent money on restaurants, hairdressers, nail treatments and a shopping trip to Northern Ireland.

Defensive barrister Kieran Kelly BL told his client that he had a normal upbringing, a good education and a good family. The court heard that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer as a teenager and that Henry had been cared for at home. She died of depression in 2008 after her mother died.

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Kelly said her client, who sheds tears when she hears the sentence, is deeply remorseful for her actions.

She took on several accounting roles after the incident but was released when her crime against Johnson and Johnson came to light. He said they were unable to recover any of the stolen money.

Kelly said his client was a “very private person” who benefited from a mental client scientific report and a probation services report.

“She’s buried her head in the sand,” he said. “She is a person who should follow the counseling available to her.”

The judge adjourned the matter to March 8 next year, ordering Pauline Code reports. Until then, Henry was remanded in custody.

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