Woman journalist “hacked by government using Pegasus spyware to spread private photos”

Woman journalist "hacked by government using Pegasus spyware to spread private photos"

A Lebanese woman journalist said, “Smartphones are spyware.PegasusTwitter hacked and posted a private photo on Twitter, ”a case against Twitter users and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia who are believed to be involved in the hacking.

‘I Won’t Be Silent’: Women who are attacked by hacks and leaks talk about spyware

Actions filedAl JazeeraGada Weiss, a Japanese journalist. In June 2020, Weiss noticed that a man in a jackie had posted a photo of himself in a bikini on Twitter. This type of photo is considered defamatory in some cultures in the Middle East, and in the next few days several messages of exception were sent to Mr. Weiss’s account. Many of the messages are from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.Muhammad bin SalmanIt came from an account supporting him, including an official account owned by a government official.

Mr Weiss found his smartphone had been hacked because the photo in question had not been published anywhere. Prince of Abu DhabiMuhammad bin ZayedHe has filed lawsuits against several Twitter users.

Israeli Technology CompanyNSO GroupThe Pegasus, which the company develops and sells, can monitor an attacker’s personal messages, photos, and location information when it infects a smartphone, and can be tapped via a mobile phone via remote control. Several cases of Pegasus hacking have been reported so far.It targets journalists and activists from more than 45 countriesAnd, including French President Emmanuel MacronThe head of state may have been observedIt was always mentioned. The survey in Pegasus is an international human rights NGOAmnesty InternationalIn addition, 17 media outlets were organized.The Pegasus ProjectAugust 2, 2021 “French intelligence agency confirms findings.”Announcement“This is the first time an independent public agency has supported our investigation,” he said.

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