Woman hospitalized in Moldova after mother’s heart transplanted | The world

Woman hospitalized in Moldova after mother's heart transplanted |  The world

The young woman was admitted to a hospital in Moldova with her mother’s heart broken while still alive

Student Anna leykeavicc – the mother is alive, and killed praskeavya leykeaviccine, the court announced a knife in her heart muriccuvennareapicc. Moldavia
“Not responsible for his actions”, therefore, he would be subject to admission to a psychiatric clinic.

According to the prosecution, after removing the mother’s heart, Anna removed the other internal organs, the lungs and intestines. After the crime, the young woman would take a bath and go to her boyfriend’s house to drink champagne. There, he told his accomplice that he had committed a crime.

The young man waited until the killer was asleep before going to her house to check if the story was true. After arriving at the scene, the boy called the police.

The girl’s grandmother told a local newspaper that her granddaughter “disobeyed” and lived an “immoral lifestyle.” A month before the case, an ambulance went to her home to help the student with overeating.

According to the portal The sun,
Following a court order, Anne underwent a forensic psychiatric examination. The document states that “the student has not been able to properly understand the circumstances relevant to the criminal case” and “she is unable to testify in a court of law”.

During her trial, Anne lay on the dock cleaning her nails, not thinking much about the outside environment.

When the results of the examination were presented along with a medical examination of her mental state, the young woman was admitted to an institution for the mentally handicapped. Although she has committed a crime, the jury found that she was not criminally responsible for her actions.

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