Woman detects pregnancy before exam using Apple Watch; How is this possible?

Last week a report from a Reddit user caught the attention of thousands of people. According to the internet user, it was her Apple Watch – an Apple Watch model – that gave her the first clues that she was pregnant. The most interesting thing is that the device does not have an accurate mechanism to detect pregnancy. So how did it happen? The woman says the device alerted her that her heart rate had accelerated.

At first, she even thought she had COVID-19, whose early symptoms included a fast heartbeat. However, the covid test result was negative. Then, after further research, she discovered that it was an early sign of pregnancy. A doctor’s examination confirmed that she was 4 weeks pregnant. follow up!

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Apple Watch helps women detect pregnancy

Here’s what the user had to say about the case:

“I know this is an unusual use for a watch, but if you’re a woman of childbearing age and your watch shows an increased heart rate (HR), it’s worth checking.”

In addition to measuring heart rate, Apple’s smartwatch also offers other devices that can send pregnancy signals. For example, the cycle tracking application allows you to analyze the menstrual cycle and manage fertile periods.

New devices go even further. That said, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra have a body temperature sensor, which can result in fertile period predictions and cycle control.

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Notable cases involving the Apple Watch

This isn’t the first time the Apple Watch has resonated with suspicious-looking cases. Another notable case happened in 2020 in America as well. During that time, Klock helped a police officer who had been stabbed. He needs to contact the corporation’s communication center immediately after receiving the blow. With the help of the location provided by the watch’s GPS, the device allowed the ambulance to be dispatched precisely to the scene of the incident.

And there are others. For example, in 2019, an American named James was conducting a trial involving rock climbing. Due to carelessness, he slipped off a cliff. In an interview after the rescue, he said he believed he would have died if the fall detection technology hadn’t been recognized and issued alerts that aided his rescue and emergency response. The device alerted the mother about the fall.

Finally, this same fall detection feature proved to be relevant to assist in the lives of the elderly. One of the cases involved 92-year-old Jim Salzman falling from a 6-meter-high ladder. According to broadcaster KETV, the danger was detected by the device, which sent an alert to emergency services in the region.

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