“Wolfwalkers” on Apple TV +: A Beautiful Animated Film – Culture

"Wolfwalkers" on Apple TV +: A Beautiful Animated Film - Culture

It’s like when you break the ban from time to time: you get caught and punished, but the findings you made behind the ban have already had an impact in the future. This is what happens to a girl named Robin in the movie “Wolfwalkers”. In their case, the fact is that directors Tom Moore and Rose Stewart tell a fairy tale of wolves, hunters and dictators, which can be a matter of life or death, along with discoveries and consequences. Ideal for an adventure film, Rob is tired of it.

Rob’s father is called from England to Ireland because he is a well – known wolf hunter, and takes the boy with him. In Ireland he is said to have been a wolf around the city Kilkenny Kill, so that the British invaders can clear the dark and dangerous forest – the area must be safe, and only the rural people cause much trouble to the British. We are in 1650, and there are historical references to it Oliver Cromwells Soldiers in Ireland unfamiliar to German spectators. But that’s not the problem. The film makes it clear who is in control, who is experiencing it, who is giving the orders and who is obeying.

Robin disobeys. It was not her father or the British commander who suggested you both stay at home to do the girls’ things. Clear, that means in simple language, who wants to clean up when a forest full of trials of courage comes everywhere. So Robin runs away, hunts down her falcon with Merlin, and here is the first encounter with the wolves. However, they are not just a dangerous pack. They have a leader about Rob’s age, he’s a man by day, but a wolf by night. The consequence is clear: two girls fighting want to annoy each other. Only then will they make a great friendship.

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“Wolfwalkers” is a kind of story from the hood

The transition from wolf to human and vice versa simplifies the fact that “Wolfwalkers” is an animated film. It allows you to relax and travel between historical drama and fantasy, and the curved houses within Kilkenny’s massive city wall can then be seen in detail as acrobatic activity on their roofs. Incidentally, the film was produced by Cartoon Salon, the company of Tom Moore, headquartered in Kilkenny. That, too, makes “Wolf Walkers” a kind of story, there’s a lot of love in it, and you can see it.

The drawings are colorful, wild and refreshing, like two-dimensional, hand-drawn with pen. Reminiscent of anime as various heroes roam the background. The other images are of swimming in water-colored fringes, which applies to the psychedelic stages, when at night the girls run through the woods like wolves and understand their surroundings with wolf brains. You want to see it a second time soon because of your drawing skills.

As Robin turns into a wolf, thanks for the connection with the wolf girl Mayo. What the wolves do and what they can do, how they smell, hear, run, jump, scream, the two girls in the head, always supporting the pack that blows behind them like a big gray cape. The mission of the girls is to protect this pack, not to clear the forest, to save their parents – Rob’s father and Mab’s mother – and to teach the British occupiers a lesson in destroying their lust for Ireland. Lots of things that get stress, excitement and heart from Tom Moore and Rose Stewart. They show how sweet a friendship is after being alone for a long time, or how stupid adults are when they only believe what they see. As “Wolf Walkers” clearly confirms, kids are always smart.

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Wolf Walkers, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, USA, UK, 2020 – Directed by: Tom Moore, Rose Stewart. With the sounds of Sean Bean, Simon McBurney. 103 minutes. Apple TV +

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