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“Wolfwalkers”: A beautiful trailer for a fascinating fantasy story – Kino News

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The makers of the best animated film “The Melody of the Sea” are now following “Wolf Walkers”. According to the trailer, the animation and plot are beautiful again this time!

Young hunter Robin Goodfellow (original voice: Honor Knaufzi) is still living in a time when magic still exists, and many superstitions. She travels to Ireland with her father (Sean Bean), a passionate hunter and teacher, to eliminate the last wolf pack.

There she befriends Nigu Me Maya Mebu and soon discovers their secret: at night Mebu and members of her tribe turn into wolves. Wolf Wanderers. Of course, this makes the hunter doubt her plan – and she too slowly turns herself into a wolf wanderer …

From the Oscar-winning studio

The trailer for the animated film “Wolfwalkers” looks magical, not surprising given Cartoon Salon Studio’s previous works:

His previous three feature films – Brendan and the Secret of Kells, “The Melody of the Sea” and “The Bread Winner” were all nominated for Oscars for Best Animated Film.

Filmstart review of “Melody of the Sea”

So the “Wolfwalkers” have a chance at the Oscars, and the Family Fantasy movie will soon be shown in US cinemas, but it will come. Internationally on Apple TV + including Germany.

The exact start date is not yet known, and this fall should be there yet.

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