Wolf Walkers (L / IRL / USA 2020): Criticism: Artechock

Wolf Walkers (L / IRL / USA 2020): Criticism: Artechock

Poetry of history

Wolf Walkers It’s as sensual as it sounds, a film that works like adults and children, like the great works of Laika, Pixar and Gibli.

We are lucky to present two of the best animated films of the year by the end of the year. Luckily, as always, there is a downside. Because of the spirit of Pixar and the cartoon salons Wolf Walkers Animation goes beyond the normal expectations of children, and family movies are aesthetically pleasing even without their narrative story, and one wants to be able to see this art on the biggest screen possible. However, this is not possible due to pandemic, so Soul Disney + too Wolf Walkers On AppleTV + with a wide range of streaming services. But irrationality and human adaptation skills take precedence: it works without admiration and canvas, which speaks again for the excellent ability of its makers.

If so Wolf Walkers It’s more amazing than that Cartoon Salon The relatively small Irish animation studio is fighting for its independence, and unlike the Pixar with Disney in the background, it does not represent an all-encompassing superpower, but like the Japanese Gibley-Studio A very personal path was taken.

It also forms a path similar to Gibli’s, emphasizing its own national history and identity. Award-winning debutants from the founding team Tom Moore, Nora Toomi, Paul Young, Brendan and the Secret of Kells (2009), the heart of the new movie Wolf Walkers
Focuses on remembering and reviving ancient Irish history based on examined historical sources.

But more than that The secret of Kells There are these sources Wolf Walkers Artfully integrated. Just as Isao Takahata in Gibli’s masterpiece The Legend of Princess Kagoya incorporated old Japanese ink techniques into his animated lists, Tom Moore for Wolf Walkers The aesthetics of the manuscript depicted in old Irish Books by Kells From the eighth century to animations. “Split screens”, two-dimensional, fine, filigree patterns, bright colors, figures that change the wonderful transition from sacred to obscene.

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In addition to these tender, artistic impressions, Wolfwalkers also offers a powerful story. It takes the legend of wolf walkers anchored in Irish mythology, which Moore claims to have found in Austrian legends, and the wolf has nothing to do with the others. To be done. It’s true that you have to be bitten to become a wolf at night, but it’s less about returning to the “homeland” and dragging more people into disaster than it is about nature becoming one. To get rid of prejudices about wolves.

This realization shocked Robin Goodfellow from the very beginning, because so far she had dreamed the opposite, that is, to become a frightening wolf hunter like her father Bill in Kilkenny, Ireland in the mid-seventeenth century. The bill was produced by Lord Protector Oliver CromwellHe was sent from England to subdue the natives and was tasked with subduing the whole city, clearing the forests outside the walls of Kilkenny, and killing or driving away the wolves that lived there. After Robin meets Walker Mabe, a wolf of the same age, she begins to question not only her views on wolves, but also the role of England, which at the time was about to conquer Ireland for the second time.

Robin gives a cautious description of this historic element, which is carefully planted about the English colonization of Ireland, and the slow self-empowerment that is to come, not only to listen to her father as a young woman, but also to overcome many obstacles. I want to see it in the kitchen rather than the back of the crossbow.

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These very diverse descriptive strontiums are inextricably linked to each other through magnificent works of art such as a tapestry, pulsate, surprise and creation. Wolf Walkers A film works for adults and children alike, as do the great works of the senses, Laika, Pixar and Gibli.

Wolf Walkers From December 12, 2020 On Apple TV + Recoverable.

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