Without Cilian Murphy’s Voice 2: “It was great to make a film based on dialogue” – Actus Cine

Without Cilian Murphy's Voice 2: "It was great to make a film based on dialogue" - Actus Cine

Maximilian Pirate

Film journalist

Falling into cinema at a young age and addicted to the series, he navigates between his own stunts and eras, from SF to comedy (musical or not) to fantasy and animation. He breaks down the geek and heroic news on the program called Fanson.

Saga’s new recruitment explores the Cilian Murphy sound, the lack of “No Sound 2” and the parallel (or not) one can draw with the current situation.

In 2003, 28 days later, the public found him wandering in desolate London. Two decades later, Cilian Murphy is reviving a post-apocalyptic vibe thanks to Sans on Noise 2, in which he is one of the new faces. The Irish actor co-stars with Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmond as Emmett and discovers the universe where silence is crucial.

“That was great.”, He tells us about the movie, most of the communication in it is nonverbal. Especially compared to a series like Peeky Blinders, in which he is currently filming Season 6, and the text is central. So the actor returns to this experience on our microphone, and about the parallels we can draw between John Krasinski’s feature film and the situation in which we have been living for more than a year now.

Interview with Maximilian Pierre in Paris on May 15, 2021 – Editing: Constance Mathews

“Soundless 2” has been in theaters since June 16:

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